The development of digital technologies has produced IT megatrends over the past few years which are of highly varied significance for the IT decision-makers surveyed. Within the results of the survey Digital Transformation the subject of security is rated as by far the most important; then come Cloud Computing, Mobile and Big Data.

This answer reflects the ongoing reporting on cyber attacks, internet criminality and surveillance by intelligence services. It is therefore hardly surprising that protection of the IT systems and company data are top of the agenda for the IT decision-makers surveyed – primarily for the protection of their own data, but also to avoid image damage and to secure customer trust.

What is striking is the fact that Cloud, Big Data, Industrie 4.0, Collaboration are significantly less significant for smaller companies. On the other hand they have a higher estimation of the relevance of social computing – in other words the use of blogs, wikis or social networks.

The fact that the Internet of Things or the further development towards the Internet of Everything was rated in fifth place shows that, with the networking described here of objects, processes, people and data, the next major hype subject has already been set.

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