For those interested we have compiled a number of simple recommendations for making a start on Digital Business Transformation.

  • Build up your know-how, get information on the subject from the web, the literature or the media and identify the best practices applied in larger companies from which you can learn.
  • Seek the opportunity to exchange views with colleagues who are also engaged in Digital Transformation.
  • Consult the advisory facilities offered by associations, chambers of industry and commerce or government bodies.
  • Secure the commitment of top management
  • Recruit employees and consultants who can advise you as you start out on Digital Business Transformation and can accompany you along the road.
  • Install a Digital Business Transformation Task Force which is cross-departmental and interdisciplinary and represents all relevant facets of your company/division
  • Draw up an inventory regarding strategies, culture, business model and processes for the company as a whole and/or individual company divisions
  • Define the KPIs and benchmarks which depict the status quo and render your progress measurable in the future
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation and the opportunities and risks in your market environment
  • Identify and prioritise the central fields of action and observe continuously the technological developments relevant to your company
  • Develop a vision and a goal-oriented strategy for your process of Digital Business Transformation for the company as a whole or selected company divisions
  • Determine the need for resources (budgets, know-how, technologies) and draw up a roadmap with central milestones
  • Establish your digital optimisation and innovation programme
  • Ensure there is regular monitoring of progress and render successes visible
  • Create a culture of enduring learning and ongoing change in which you should also include customers and partners. After all, technological development and its influence on your company will not stop there.

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