Digital transformation is omnipresent. However, only one-third of all the German companies surveyed and half of the large high-turnover companies have a clear understanding of and strategic attitude toward digital transformation. But the issue is no longer whether a company is active, but how quickly it connects. And this is a task for company management.

Starting transformation immediately

Digital transformation offers new business opportunities, but is hampered by outdated IT structures, the existing culture of the organisation as well as a lack of resources and knowledge. As they move into the future, one-third of the marketing and IT decision-makers surveyed feel supported by company management, but only one-third of all the companies have a digital strategy, whereas half of large high-turnover companies have one. This is shown by the recent “Digital Business Transformation” study conducted by Dexperty.

What does Digital Business Transformation mean exactly?

55 percent of the respondents understand transformation to mean “the digitalization of all imaginable business processes”. This is followed by “the development of new business models” (39 percent) and “digitalization of the customer interface” (35 percent). However, the perspectives diverge only slightly. While marketing decision-makers more often cite effects on processes and business models, IT managers more often see the development as an overall organizational change process. But while only 43 percent of small businesses view digital transformation as especially important, 56 percent of the medium-sized and 67 percent of larger companies do so.

Planned steps

Only 27 per cent of marketing decision-makers are currently aware of a strategy that their company is pursuing, but 42 percent of IT decision-makers are. Given the high relevance, it is surprising that 42 percent of all respondents indicate a plan to implement a general strategy for 2015/2016 and 23 percent are planning no strategy at all. It is equally surprising that approximately 80 percent of marketing and IT decision-makers are at least satisfied with the digital transformation in their companies and about 40 percent are even very satisfied. But now, due to the urgency of digital transformation, the managers must develop a comprehensive strategy.

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The study

As part of the study, Dexperty and the market research firm INNOFACT AG in Düsseldorf, surveyed more than 600 marketing decision-makers in June 2015. 50 per cent of those surveyed were responsible for marketing and 50 per cent for IT in their companies. Read more research details here.