State of the art in mobile advertising

Stefan Zilch, Managing Director GSA, der madvertise Mobile Advertising GmbH, zu den Möglichkeiten mobiler Werbung:

We’re constantly developing new ideas and inventing pioneering technologies in the mobile advertising industry, meaning we’ll be seeing an abundance of new creative ideas for the mobile space in 2012. Mobile is the obvious choice today for creating performance or setting  brand messages with a certain ROI and 2012 will certainly be another exciting year for the industry.

There’s no escaping the hot topics right now which include LBA (Location Based Advertising), mobile Video Ads or interactive Rich Media formats amongst other creative and innovative services.

Location Based Advertising (LBA) gives businesses the opportunity to present consumers with contextual information that you simply don’t have with TV or online. LBA is effective in better understanding users and this location information can be used to deliver a truly unique message.  LBA creates an easy bridge from offline advertisers to the digital world and is a medium in which these companies can actively reach their customers everywhere they want to.

Another hot topic and with lots of certainly is mobile video advertising in the form of PreRolls. A company is able to bring their brand to life through interactive advertising formats and a creative and eye catching campaign undoubtedly leads to maximum impact. Mobile Video content is one of the most engaging advertising formats with a high success rate. Much like video, Rich Media ads are a way in which a brand can effectively get their message across to users. With creative and interactive ads you can reach the full potential of  smartphones and tablets and take advantage of the most intimate channel to an audience – mobile. New technologies for advertisers and creatives are being enabled and we’re in the beginning phases of understanding all of this to create the most enjoyable and successful user experiences. Ongoing research will mean brands can analyze and better understand customers and their experiences. Mobile advertising is developing at a rapid rate, having matured from simple banner ads to engaging video ads with exciting, interactive formats.  Mobile gives brands the opportunity to really reach their full advertising potentials with an abundance of ways to put mobile advertising to use.

There are big opportunities waiting within the mobile advertising industry this year which you’d be crazy not to take advantage of. If there’s one advertising medium with which you can effectively get your brand message across – it’s mobile.

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