Profile maintenance for optimum matching results

Business matching efficiently brings together business people, who have matching interests and services. Internet based business matching offerings like Messe Frankfurt’s B2B portal can increase the efficiency even more, as they use algorithms to match compatible business partners. The only requirement for this is that the participants make the necessary preparations.

As a general rule of thumb, you will receive more suitable contact suggestions, the more detailed your profile data is. For example, it makes a big difference whether you simply define your business interest as “textiles” or provide more concrete information like “women’s clothing”, “bedding” or “automotive upholstery”. Clear entries with regard to production capacities and possible export modalities can also be used to be matched with a search that includes similar details. Whereas some companies are seeking to expand their business internationally, others prefer to work within a specific region and can not respond to export requests. Some purchasers are looking specifically for companies in the premium segment and others are primarily seeking contact to discount suppliers.

Making concrete entries can reduce the quantity of contact suggestions while simultaneously increasing the quality. This pays off in a number of ways. This not only reduces the amount of time and money invested, but may reduce the risk associated with new trade partners, with which there is no past experience. After all, not only the goods play an important role, but also many soft factors such as consensus with regard to quality, sustainability, services and reliability. These factors should also be detailed in profile information to provide potential business partners with a positive first impression. This reflects the reliability, philosophy and capacity of the registered company, while at the same time presenting the service and product portfolio in text and imagery. Profiles act as special web sites tailored to the needs of potential trade partners. Information that is missing here logically can not be convincing. It can be very helpful to have a look at the profiles of competitors and learn from their example.

And finally, the business matching profile should not list the general hotline number, but a number that can be used to contact the right person directly. Ideally the most important company representatives should be listed with their functions and decision making authority.

If a fitting match is found, but the interest is only in potential future business, it still makes sense to make contact immediately and possibly transfer the contacts to extended social networks like LinkedIn, Xing or Facebook. This results in a persistent network which can then be used to find the right contact persons at the time you need them.

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