Trend topics 2014

The most important topic by far was big data, which includes the collection, analysis and interpretation of vast quantities of information. The issue was viewed with scepticism, not least due to governmental surveillance efforts around the world. This gave rise to questions including, “What is actually allowed?” and “How can marketing make the best use of this data?”.

New payment methods proved to be just as exciting. Will the established players or young start-ups come out ahead in this sector? Will cash be replaced by mobile payments? Will there be an internet currency? 2014 may not provide the definitive answers to these questions, but a lot of headway will certainly be made.

Megatrends like mobile and social media are putting increasing pressure on advertisers. Those who don’t yet have a clear strategy in these areas will have to take an more intensive look in 2014 at the latest. Websites will have to be accessible to mobile devices to meet the expectations of users and search engines. It will also become increasingly important to meet expectations in the social web and openly respond to user enquiries, criticism recommendations.

Two forms of marketing will take the spotlight in 2014. “Responsive marketing” will be used to customise advertising to a user’s personality, device, current situation and current location. Email campaigns, for example, will display different text depending on whether they are read in the morning on a mobile phone or in the evening on a home PC.

“Content marketing”, on the other hand, is a familiar concept with a new face. Instead of advertising the company or product as such, focus here is placed on providing true added value with useful information, know-how and infotainment. This is published in the form of text, images, videos, podcasts, tutorials, webcasts or info graphics where potential customers can best be reached and converted into paying customers.

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