M-Days presents effective ways of protecting mobile devices

Mobile and IT security is the subject of intensive discussion with attention having been drawn to a variety of vulnerabilities in recent days. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that smartphones and tablets tend to contain an above-average amount of sensitive data. Users are also looking critically at vulnerabilities in mobile operating systems and community services, the mass theft of email accounts and the subject of cloud computing.

M-Days, trade fair and congress forum for the mobile business in Frankfurt am Main on 13 and 14 May 2014, will spotlight the subject with a special format within the framework of the exhibition and lecture programme. “With the ‘Mobile Security Section – M-Sec’, M-Days offers visitors a platform focusing on strategies, applications and technical solutions for greater mobile security”, explains Ruth Lorenz, Vice President, New Events, Messe Frankfurt.

Apps are a popular target for data theft. During the security-services scandal, it became apparent that some apps access the user’s personal data and send it to the organisations concerned.
“These isolated cases are part of the overall picture. Potentially, one in three applications from the big app stores – Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry – has problems of this kind. They send data without any security measures and without the user’s consent”, explains Sebastian Wolters, founder and CEO of mediaTest digital GmbH.

In the private sphere, the measures taken to protect devices are limited to the careful use of newly installed apps. The situation in the business world is different. There, companies face the challenge of having to protect the data on mobile devices from loss and theft. “The latest modules to safeguard enterprise app stores will be presented at M-Days. For example, companies have had the chance for a year now to extend their mobile device management to include an app security component”, says Ruth Lorenz.

Concentrated knowledge in the M-Sec area
The ‘Mobile Security Section – M-Sec’ at M-Days consists of a special area shared by exhibitors who offer visitors specific solutions, advice and test versions on their stands. In the immediate vicinity of the Mobile Enterprise lecture forum and the exhibition stands of appropriate associations, such as BITKOM and TeleTrusT, Bundesverband IT-Sicherheit e.V., visitors will be able to attend lectures, panel discussions and product presentations.
Dr Holger Mühlbauer, Director General of the TeleTrusT association says, “I am delighted that the organisers of M-Days have taken account of the importance of mobile IT security by initiating the ‘Mobile Security Section – M-Sec’. Thus, the subject of IT security with reference to mobile security will be presented at an important trade fair in Germany with the aim of increasing acceptance of solutions and services in a mobile setting.”

Among the companies showing effective security solutions and new options at M-Days in May will be Tekit Consult Bonn GmbH. As a member of the TÜV Saarland Group, the company advises the information and telecommunications sector and conducts audits on the basis of the prevailing quality standards. The Hanover-based company for testing the security of mobile infrastructures and the certification of mobile applications (apps), mediaTest digital GmbH, is also an exhibitor. “For us, M-Days has developed into one of the most important national events because it concentrates on mobile solutions for the B2B sector and emphasises future-oriented subjects. This year’s focus on mobile-security subjects has prompted us to play an even more prominent role at M-Days”, says CEO Sebastian Wolters.

In accordance with the great significance of mobile technology in corporate processes, M-Days will spotlight the core area of mobile enterprise. Additionally, M-Days presents the latest products, technologies and trends in four other core areas: mobile strategy, mobile commerce, mobile marketing and mobile media.

The ninth M-Days will be held concurrently with Email-Expo, trade fair and lecture forum for data driven marketing. As an established meeting place for the sector, the forum offers specific and exclusive input revolving around the subjects of marketing automation, CRM, lead generation, content marketing and associated disciplines.

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