Relaunched Connected Blog – responsive design, extended content and new english section

Welcome to the new Connected Blog! This is the first post following the relaunch of our Messe Frankfurt blog on the digitization of the business world. With an updated layout and more features, we have relaunched the blog as one of the first Messe Frankfurt platforms to Kai Hattendorf-Messe-Frankfurthave an entirely responsive layout, thus also making it fully usable on almost all mobile platforms.

As part of the relaunch, we are also extending the range of topics pertaining to the digital trade fair world – an area in which Messe Frankfurt is one of the global leaders. Experts from dexperty, our team for digital trade fair products and services, will now be adding their input here as well. We aim to demonstrate our know-how, present new digital offerings to our customers and provide impetus for successful digital marketing.

This blog’s editorial team has been sharing content about the trade fairs and conferences in Frankfurt, at which digital topics are presented, for over two years now. These include Email-Expo, M-Days and Webchance. And we will continue to do so. As always the majority of the content will consist of guest articles and interview with experts from the IT, Mobility, E-Commerce, CRM and Digital Marketing sectors. We will also continue to provide an extensive selection of conference presentations. The blog archive now already contains over 400 articles, which continue to generate growing interest.

We aim to attract many more guest authors to accompany the growing Twitter and Facebook communities of Connected and the individual trade fairs with interesting information and tips on the path toward an increasingly digital business world. The trade fair already operates 81 social media channels with 295,000 fans and followers, who ensure increasing traffic on the trade fair pages and six blogs. The new Overview of Social Media @MesseFrankfurt provides excellent insight into the trade fair’s social media world.

Just have a look at Connected. Read, discuss and even suggest your own topic on the digitalization of the business world to our editorial team by sending an email to connected(at) We look forward to hearing from you.

Kai Hattendorf, Head of Digital Business, Corporate Communication and Marketing at Messe Frankfurt

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