Key figures: When is success a success?

At first glance, the maths may seem easy. The more often a banner is clicked on, the more successful an ad campaign is. But when taking a closer look, it becomes apparent that only around 5% of the internet users is responsible for 80% of all clicks. The vast majority of users only click on banners by mistake if at all. This knowledge combined with the issues of conversion and ROI puts into perspective the success measured by the number of clicks.

Nonetheless, ads also have an impact on non-clickers. Brand recognition is still increased by way of expressive ad campaigns even if they only momentarily arouse awareness. For example a study conducted by Tomorrow Focus/comScore showed that the positive effect of ads is not dependent on the number of clicks. Users remember the message and the company name, but prefer to find their way to the website via search engines or by entering the URL directly.

Therefore the following key figures should be taken into consideration when determining the success of a campaign:

  • Brand recall: conduct a study or survey to determine who has seen your ad and who hasn’t.
  • Defined search: use analysis tools like Google Analytics to find out whether the campaign has resulted in an increase in searches for the company or the advertised product and if so, how.
  • Direct website traffic: keep an eye on the website traffic and try to associate increases and decreases directly with campaign launches, variant trials and page impressions. Statistics tools like Google Analytics are indispensable helpers in this regard as well.
  • Leads: finally, the success of advertising is most clearly measured by looking at sales or newly acquired customers. If nothing is happening in this regard despite high click-through rates, it is a clear indicator that the campaign is either ineffective or that conversion is being blocked by (technical) obstacles.
  • The costs that have to be paid for each lead generated are also an important factor. The lower the cost per lead, the better the ad campaign is. Tremendous differences can be seen here using different designs and clear call-to-action elements.

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