Interview with Kath Pay

Email-Expo 2014 will be focusing on all aspects of marketing automation and data-driven marketing. At the integrated congress, international marketing experts will be offering insights into the latest developments in the fields of mobile, lead generation and address acquisition. One of them is Kath Pay, Plan to Engage, from UK. In the interview, she answers our questions about trends and highlights of eMarketing:

What is, in your point of view, the most important trend this year?
Personalisation by using data gained from customer’s actions and behaviour.

What do you think about the following topics? Is it an important trend and why?
Marketing-Automation – From both a marketers perspective and a prospects perspective using marketing automation to nurture and convert leads is ideal. When combined with a solid content marketing plan – you have success. When using marketing automation within your eCRM Programme to build relationships with your existing customers, you not only increase your chances of retaining your customer, but also of increasing their AOV (average order value) and also cross-selling and upselling them, if applicable.

Data-Driven Marketing – This is the way of the future. Too many brands are sitting on a wealth of customer data which is not being utilised. By delving into this data, analysing it for patterns and understanding more about our clients, we then understand how best to use this data to personalise our marketing for each and every customer.

Mobile E-Mail-Marketing – Most brands are now recognising that, even of the conversions don’t happen on a mobile, the mobile journey is very much part of the buying experience and needs to be considered and optimised.

Content-Marketing – always an important trend – especially when combined with marketing automation. Personalising of content is even more-so. Being able to provide content which is targeted to the customer/lead based upon their previous content consumption is very important to a successful lead nurturing campaign.

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