The 3 biggest mistakes that online shops make

None of the 1,000 online shops with the best sales in Germany are achieving their full potential with regard to customer acquisition and conversion. According to online marketing consultant Andreas Graap from, almost all of these online shops are making at least one of three big mistakes:

  1. Users are divided into buyers and non-buyers. Either they should buy something or they shouldn’t be browsing the website. Few shops cater to “not-yet buyers” and try to win over non-buyers by first gaining their interest and then gaining them as a customer in the next step. This can be done for example by publishing interesting newsletters, which inform non-buyers, gain their interest and gradually guide them towards purchasing products. But such offerings are usually only offered passively and are not very attractive.
  2. Too little is undertaken to increase users’ trust in the online shop. Official seals of approval, reviews by users or other certifications alone are not enough to dispel the worries and fears of the visitors. It is not only about receiving paid goods quickly, but also whether the retailer is competent, can provide practical troubleshooting tips and cares about optimum storage, shipping, and packaging of the products. Mail-order plant retailers are perfect examples of this. In the best case, they care for your goods right through to the end, provide care tips and ensure fast and protective transport.
  3. The online shops fail to focus on the special needs of their target group. Product ranges should make sense to the target group and should not be watered down. Specializing on a specific industry may decrease the size of the market, but it also increases the proportion of visitors specifically looking for the products offered. Expert activities in one’s own blogs and social media, which provide industry expertise and meet the demands of customers, can serve to help quickly establish the shop as a market leader.

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