Marketers should be addressing Small Data

Michael Leander is an award winning marketing speaker, trainer and consultant. At Email-Expo 2014 he gives a lecture on 3 important components of email marketing which most email marketers still don´t have considered. In the interview, he answers our question about trends and highlights of email marketing.

1) What is, in your point of view, the most important trend this year?
I am not sure if it is a trend, but in my opinion cleaning up data should be a priority for marketers. Rather than speaking about Big Data, marketers should be addressing Small Data.

2) What do you think about the following topics? Is it an important trend and why?

Marketing automation is important for B2B marketers. It is important because it allows marketers to engage leads and customers with relevant messages leading to the desired conversion. While marketing automation initially has focused a lot on educating prospects and customers, the trend should be to derive more immediate value from marketing automation programs. Incubation time has become longer. I see marketing automation as a mechanism that can help brands shorten the selling cycles.

Data-Driven Marketing
Data driven marketing is important although I don’t think too many marketers subscribe to data-driven marketing. Although a lot of experts are talking about data-driven marketing, I don’t think it is a significantly important trend in 2014. Too many marketers allow themselves to be overshadowed by the assumed importance of the fun and trendy social media related stuff.

Mobile E-Mail-Marketing
There is not such thing as mobile email marketing. But marketers should be working ferociously to understand how emails are received and interact with across all devices. No doubt that behaviour of email recipients is changing rapidly, and email marketers really need to understand that in order to achieve better results.

Content naturally plays a role in all that we do as marketers. But marketers need to be cautious. Being successful with content marketing takes quite a bit of effort. What’s more it is a discipline most marketers aren’t too familiar with. Related to email marketing, a well executed content marketing strategy will contribute nicely to any email marketing program. Better content, relevant content almost always produces better results and subscriber stickiness. It is trend and will continue to be so for quite some time. But it ain’t for everybody.

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