Defining Digital Business for the Exhibition Industry

There are many ways to define the effects of digitization for an industry. In recent months, we’ve had a debate within EMECA (the “European Major Exhibition Centres Association”) on how we want to define “Digital Business” for the Exhibition Industry.

This led us to what is perhaps the first general declaration about a digital strategy by a leading association in the exhibition world. It is meant to guide the way EMECA’s Members will develop and invest into digitization. As the chair of EMECA’s Digital Business Working Group, I’m happy to share the result:

HattendorfThe digitization of business processes is a consolidated trend globally, and at the same time it is becoming more and more a business model. Customers require high speed and high quality digital solutions and services, therefore the digital infrastructure and technology is being upgraded at all exhibition premises as a must-have offer. But beyond venue services, Digital Business is increasingly a core growth opportunity for the trade fair and event industry.

Digital Business declaration of EMECA
The world is going digital. Exhibition companies are facing an increasingly digital environment. If we don’t embrace this, we are out of business. To continue serving our industries’ customers, we have to securely digitise our offerings.

EMECA defines that Digital Business of Exhibition/Event Companies is about increasing revenues by using or adopting digital technologies. In addition, the digitisation of the business environment will also result in decreasing costs and improving processes.

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