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Integrated communications from the cloud

With multiple locations, several business units and numerous employees on the go, efficient (office) communications crucial for the success of many companies. Comprehensive packages for landline, mobile and PC applications from the cloud can be used to connect employees, improve work processes, and reduce costs.

Each new technology increases the number of communication channels. This can quickly cause confusion especially in professional environments due to the variety of different devices being used. Synchronisation of contact data across mobile phones, landline devices and PC address books is very difficult to ensure without cloud-based services. And things get even more complicated when it comes to advanced CRM information about customer contacts, internal documents, or messages from messaging solutions, web conferences and the email folders.

Several service providers including Telekom, Siemens, Vodafone and Sipgate are thus pursuing “integrated communication” solutions and offering their customers a whole bundle of communication services for networking. These comprehensive solutions serve to replace the simultaneous, independent operation of fixed, mobile and PC communications by providing Virtual PBX systems, company address books and email mailboxes in the cloud.
Using unified user interfaces, employees can access company applications, edit shared documents and exchange all types of data using devices like smartphones, IP phones and PC clients. Group calendars and company address books synchronize automatically on all devices as soon as changes are made. Presence status indicators can be used by all connected participants to see which colleagues are currently available.

Video conferencing tools can be particularly practical for accelerating decision-making processes by enabling dozens of employees to engage in virtual meetings and use shared desktop features to view and edit documents together. This reduces the amount of commuting between locations as well as email traffic required and can thus save time and money.

Such solutions can be interesting for small and medium-sized enterprises due to their scalability. Applications can be adapted at any time to accommodate changing needs and requirements because they are supplied from the internet.

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