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The 9 most common mistakes in retargeting

Successful online marketing is subject to numerous principles, of which the first is “never annoy the user!”. Especially when using retargeting, caution and finesse are required. Always avoid the following errors:

1. Too often
If advertising banners are displayed too often, then retargeting can seem intrusive. Adjust the display frequency to up to 2 times per day using “frequency capping”.

2. Wrong time
If users are addressed in the wrong way in the individual phases of the purchase process, then the advertising will miss its goal. For example, it only makes sense to advertise a specific product if there already exists a general interest in purchasing. The time period between an interaction and the start of retargeting can be equally important. For example, if a customer has bought a printer, then it makes sense to wait several weeks before displaying advertising for replacement cartridges.

3. Lacking differentiation
Make sure that ads are not show to customers who have already purchased the product.

4. Undifferentiated tracking
Retargeting should not be triggered by every web page that a user browses. The most clicks are generated by search engine users, who were actually searching for something else entirely. Make differentiated decisions as to which user actions should trigger retargeting. For example, it only really makes sense if a user has already navigated through several pages, look at a specific product page, or added things to their shopping cart.

5. Incorrect prioritisation
Consider who should be targeted in particular and prioritize your campaign accordingly. Is it visitors who have already left the site from the landing page or users who have taken a much closer look at your portfolio? Or is it those who didn’t cancel their purchase until right before checking out?

6. Overestimation of performance values
Retargeting is not a direct response measure, but rather consists of optimising conversion. You pay again for a visitor who has already been won via other (paid) channels and who is already familiar with the web site as well as the offering.

7. Boredom
Emotions play a big role in retargeting. Use graphical advertising banners, which generate more attention and emotion than plain text ads. Use special banners instead of your regular campaign banners to provide variety.

8. Lacking Monitoring
Good monitoring of quantitative and qualitative impact is important when it comes to fully utilizing the positive effects of the retargeting campaign and sensitively navigate around any negative reactions in advance.

9. Low awareness of privacy issues
Not everything that is possible, is actually popular with target audiences. Many users are disturbed by the fact that they are shown advertisements for a product that they just looked at days ago on some web page. Don’t overdo personalization and clearly indicate on your site that you track interactions for advertising purposes.

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