5 reasons for social media in companies

More and more companies are using internal social media solutions. These provide a platform for sustainable knowledge management, extensive exchange of in-house expertise and a culture of constructive communication. As similar to platforms like Facebook, these solutions bring a wealth of information together in a central location and provide users with intuitive tools for fast, effective and location-independent collaboration.

The primary advantages of the so-called “social intranets” include:

–    Reducing the number of meetings
Most  topics can be discussed quite well in virtual chat rooms. This requires neither complicated appointments nor even more complicated travel arrangements. Everyone can contribute important information at an appropriate time and no information is lost.
This also generally improves internal communication, because all information can be obtained quickly and flexibly.

–    Increasing productivity
Social business solutions serve to optimise internal processes, increase productivity and provide all employees with the same knowledge. Time-consuming and tiring communication via email and the usual CC mail bombing can be greatly reduced because questions, answers, discussions, and all the information are available centrally at all times.

–    Solving problems faster
Instead of discussing technical problems with office neighbours (which could well be ineffective), a question can be posted throughout the company to access the “swarm intelligence” of the entire workforce. This provides faster and more competent solutions.

–    Access from anywhere
Whether from smartphones and tablets while on the road, the home office or any computer in the office, social business tools provide for a way of working that is independent of location and time. Tasks, discussions or decisions are thus carried out more efficiently, flexibly and faster.

–    Central focal point
Relevant forms, processes, and information are available at any time from a central location. Even if the data is stored in other systems (e.g. CRM, ERP, BI), it can be accessed by social business solutions.

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