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Mobile Security: more than just data protection

Mobile security experts on the technological state-of-the-art and the perspectives for Industry 4.0

Mobikon conference and exhibition with around 200 lectures by international speakers

The security of mobile processes increases the existing technical and legal demands on the general protection of digital data. “Those members of staff responsible for the mobile web and CIOs must completely transfer the usual level of IT security via firewalls and device management to the mobile sector. Although this sounds trivial, it is a herculean task”, says Sebastian Wolters, CEO of mediaTest digital, a provider of secure automated mobile application management (MAM) solutions. Based in Hanover, the company offers mobile IT infrastructure protection in the form of its integrated ‘APPVISORY’ software, which implements risk-management processes on the application level. Using this solution, companies can harmonise complex device landscapes, different operating systems and the changing expectations of the organisation and its employees with the standard of security required, maintain a high degree of efficiency and integrate the mobile segment at the same time as optimising the company’s business processes.

At Mobikon, Germany’s biggest exhibition and conference for the mobile business, experienced mobile-security experts will be available to advise visitors interested in this field. Under the headings, ‘Mobile Security & Big Data’ and ‘Mobile Enterprise & Solutions’, the intricate procedures involved in adapting processes and infrastructures to the various aspects of mobile security will be the main themes of the Mobikon conference and trade exhibition in Frankfurt am Main on 11 and 12 May.

100 speakers with 200 lectures and 95 exhibitors have registered for Mobikon 2015. With its DO MOBILE! initiative to promote the mobile web in Germany, the German Digital Business Federation (Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft – BVDW) is also taking part and will hold special guided tours for representatives of companies and public authorities to mobile solutions and providers in the other four main Mobikon segments (Mobile Internet & Apps, Mobile Marketing & Advertising, Mobile Commerce & Payment, Internet of Things (IoT) & Wearables).

Highly sensitive: mobile security in the banking, m-health and automotive fields

Medical data, banking transactions, road-traffic safety – the mobile business is highly sensitive when it comes to the most personal information and life and physical integrity. For Sebastian Wolters, this is shown by the growing number of security testing and adaptation projects for his customers: “We are currently seeing significant growth in the number of orders from the mobile banking, m-health and connected-car fields and we regard all three segments as being equally sensitive. Additionally, we are certifying more and more messaging and cloud services at the moment, as well as apps that process sensitive user data via payment interfaces, etc.”, explains Sebastian Wolters.

To position itself as a secure messenger in a fiercely competitive market, the SIMSme app from Deutsche Post guarantees the confidential use of user data with the ‘TRUSTED APP’ logo. If apps enable the user to conclude purchases via the app, it is essential that the software architecture be tested in terms of security to ensure user confidence. For example, the DB Navigator of Deutsche Bahn and the brands4friends shopping club (an eBay subsidiary) have had their payment processes certified by mediaTest digital.

Secure app management is particularly important for corporate use and, in this connection, providers must take account of the individual requirements of their customers when it comes to enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions. For example, it is possible to check programmes installed via an app client and reveal any infringements and security gaps. “At the request of a German automobile manufacturer, a significantly faster testing process for assessing app risk was developed to supplement the exhaustive, semi-automatic analysis of apps. Thus, information about the security level of apps in the mobile devices of employees can be provided within just a few minutes. The combination of this fast decision-making aid and the in-depth security checks is currently the best compromise between security and flexibility available”, says Sebastian Wolters explaining the options open to companies at present.

Security panel of the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

Nowadays, mobile devices represent a two-fold risk for corporate IT departments. On the one hand, smartphones and tablets are a potential target for hackers wanting to install malware or conduct industrial espionage. On the other hand, it is easy for employees to copy sensitive corporate data with the aid of the integrated camera.

The Security Panel of the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management will focus on correct and practical ways of meeting this challenge on the first day of Mobikon (11 May 2015). The panellists will be Senior Prosecutor Rainer Franosch of the Hessian Office for Combating Internet Crime of the Office of the Public Prosecutor, Frankfurt, and Peter Löwenstein, enterprise mobility expert of Loenco GmbH. The panel will be chaired by Armin Nilles, Head of the Competence Centre at theFrankfurt School of Finance and Management.

Further information can be found at Mobikon in Hall 11 on 11 and 12 May 2015 and on the internet at www.mobikon.com and www.dexperty.messefrankfurt.com.

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