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5 practical tips for B2B online marketing

Digital B2B marketing communications is an extremely wide field, for which there are numerous practical tips. We have highlighted the top 5 for you here. And seeing as how any tip is useless without a comprehensive, cross-channel strategy, this is the first one.

Tip 1: Define goals that are measurable, clear and realistic. Based on this, specify a suitable strategy, concrete measures and how they will be implemented.

This is the foundation of all measures for any marketing expert. However, many small and medium-sized businesses have to do without such experts due to lack of staff or budget, and thus risk not using the full potential of online marketing despite all efforts.

Google’s new ranking policy has shown this risk to be quite real. Starting in April, the search engine giant has been punishing all sites that do not provide a properly working version for mobile devices. The negative effect this can have on the ranking could deem all previous SEO and SEA measures ineffective. Therefore…

Tip 2: Think mobile! Even in the B2B area, a majority of searches are now performed using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. Without a site optimized for this purpose, companies risk losing potential customers and business partners.

An increasing number of B2B decision makers are searching online for suppliers and service providers. And they usually do this in a very targeted and time-efficient manner, and expect results after just a few clicks. Therefore…

Tip 3: Optimize your own web sites for search engines (SEO), so that traffic can be generated and perfectly served.  To ensure this, you should choose relevant products, services, or keywords and display them prominently.

In the best case scenario, SEO is supported by publication of expert knowledge in social networks. This not only adds a lot of keywords to the web, but also continuously creates a memorable image of the company and increases brand awareness. Therefore…

Tip 4: engage in content marketing activities with subject-specific topics such as publishing articles, case studies, charts, reviews, pictures and videos.

The sustainable success of content marketing depends on the added value of published content. This quality standard should serve as a connecting factor across all B2B marketing activities. After all, if customers subscribe to a newsletter due to its interesting content, a lead has been won (or secured) and thus the ultimate goal is achieved. Therefore…

Tip 5: Focus on quality instead of quantity Even if B2B companies can learn a lot from B2C marketing in general, a clear distinction should be made in this regard. Competence and expertise are the deciding factors in the B2B area when it comes to attracting new customers and securing the loyalty of existing customers.

Ultimately good online marketing should reflect that which makes a good salesperson, who understands the customers and their issues. And who is patient.

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