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Profitable Online Marketing Despite Small Budget

Online marketing is a crucial factor for a company when it comes to enhancing the profile of its own products on the internet. The following guest contribution by Bina Gupta, Maketing Manager at Gelbe Seiten Marketing Gesellschaft and author of the Treffer! Blog, shows how this is also feasible with a small budget.

Market analysis

To enable you to deploy a tight budget for online marketing as effectively as possible, a market analysis is indispensable. Find out where and how you can best reach your target group so that you can concentrate exclusively on the relevant marketing channels. Facebook, Twitter or perhaps Xing? Or would it be better by email? Take a look at the competition, compare the online marketing of your competitors and take their successful strategies as your guide. If you take the first two steps, you’ll not only save money, but also time.

Social media

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are ideal for advertising your product or company cost-effectively. Social media beginners will, for example, soon realise the advantages of “sponsored posts”. With sparse financial resources it is possible to reach the target group you define. The new fans you win will become your first regular customers and they are an important part of cost-effective online marketing: satisfied customers will share their experience with friends around the globe, increasing your initial investment exponentially, and all for free.


At the mention of “free” your potential customers will also prick up their ears. What about some small give-aways? This may be a free download, or a discount code for purchases in your online shop. Place your products inexpensively or even completely free of charge in thematically related blogs or social media channels. If you combine the give-aways with registration for an email newsletter you will receive valuable contact data in addition.

Email marketing

Email marketing is regarded as the online marketing method with the highest ROI. As long as the number of email addresses is manageable, you can send a newsletter at no great expense and without external help even to those who have shown interest in you. If the distribution list grows it may be worthwhile to get support from a service provider.


If you already have a widespread network, you can ask your employees, friends and business contacts to recommend your company. On portals such as LinkedIn, Xing or other social media channels all that’s needed is a single click. This form of online marketing is not only free, but also highly efficient since the recommendations are made by trustworthy individuals.

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