Agentur Digital Business Tranformation

External assistance for the transition

Digital transformation is an absolutely necessary process that affects the entire company, but which is also very elusive. There are consultants and agencies that help make the right decisions in light of the extensive range of options and opportunities. What distinguishes them?

The approaches for digital transformation processes are increasingly diverse, the more varied and global a company is. This includes everything from the online presences of various company divisions and different online strategies, software solutions and partially networked parallel systems to digital touchpoints, e-commerce and marketing. Many companies rely on external consultants to coordinate the complex alignment and decision processes involved in transformation. They are responsible for harmonizing the requirements and needs of all the important stakeholders and thus lay the foundation for sustainable change.

What qualifications should these digital agencies have?

  • They should be familiar with the specific needs of the respective industry or are capable of acquiring this know-how. Completely different approaches may be required for every industry.
  • They should have a wide range of know-how in the digital area, which can integrate various aspects in the transformation process across borders and departments. It is not a matter of simply working on symptoms, but requires dealing with a fundamental shift in thinking and acting.
  • They think in a “networked” way, integrate new systems smoothly in existing digital ecosystems, take into consideration all relevant channels, services and platforms and weave them into a unified concept.
  • External consulting begins with structured, strategic analysis, so that strategic pitfalls can be detected at an early stage. In doing so, user needs as well as the customer’s entire digital and non digital ecosystem must be included. A clear formulation of objectives, success factors and KPIs serve as important framework conditions for the success of the project.
  • Consulting also helps set up and develop teams within the company, to maintain the developed digital platforms, campaigns and services. After all, each project is only as successful and lastingly meaningful as the team behind it is and remains motivated and engaged.

Finally, an external consultant should take long-term responsibility for the success of its measures and products and continually improve them. This can be done only by way of ongoing observation of the markets, technical developments as well as user and customer behaviour and feedback on websites and mobile apps. Of course this also includes monitoring brand-related conversations on social media.

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