Trade fair visitors are preparing thoroughly

How do you prepare for a trade fair? We asked this question to our visitors in 2015. It turned out that the Internet is the preferred information channel. Furthermore, the various exhibition apps are also quite popular. They offer an ideal opportunity to plan the tour of the exhibition properly in advance.  Learn what other possibilities our visitors use.

As a survey conducted by Messe Frankfurt indicates, trade fair visitors prepare themselves thoroughly for their tours. 50 percent of respondents already start preparing three months before the fair opens its doors. The Internet is the preferred information channel. 62 percent browse through the event’s website while 17 percent use the classic catalog.
Increased interest is also being shown in the apps from the individual shows. 12 percent of the visitors tap and wipe through the information of relevance to them by using their tablets and smartphones. Visitors to the music trade fair and Prolight+Sound were particularly affine in this respect. Nearly one out of five visitors (19 percent) used the app before the fair started. Overall, the share of app downloads in advance of events continues to rise, most recently by 7 percent over the previous year. Acceptance of the app on Ambiente in particular rose by a strong 28 percent.
New products (65 percent) and the exhibitor profile (52 percent) were decisive factors in deciding to visit the booths for the majority of those surveyed. Over two thirds (67 percent) made a point to visit both known and newly researched contacts at the events.

About the visitor survey conducted by Messe Frankfurt:
A total of 1,786 visitors to the trade fairs Heimtextil, Ambiente, Techtex+Techprocess, the Musikemesse / Prolight+Sound and the World trade fairs were interviewed as part of the survey.

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