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Smart Buildings and Digital Transformation

The latest technology is vital when it comes to achieving an improved quality of life at home and work. The top theme “Smart Technologies” reflects the keystones of modern building-services technology. But what is possible? And what will be the advantages?

Integrated building planning, digitalisation, increased interlinkage and pan-system solutions are the key to a modern and flexible environment at work not only in public buildings, hotels, hospitals, etc., but also at home.

Smart buildings and homes become a reality: Simple installation and intuitive operation

In the smart home, smartphones and easy installation play a leading role, a fact that is thematised by exhibitors and in the complementary programme of events at Light + Building. Read more…

Smart Buildings with Smart Power

The umbrella term Smart Powered Building covers the subjects of energy management and sustainability, as well as the latest developments in the field of intelligent building networks. At Light + Building, visitors will be able to see solutions for new buildings and planning new buildings, as well as for retrofitting and modernisation. Read more…

Smart refurbishment solutions save electricity

Becoming a ‘smart city’ has more than one component. Primarily it is associated with modern technologies, digital and networked systems solutions, and inevitably also with increased energy efficiency. However, this does not mean building a completely new city or town from scratch, from the ground up. In most cases the focus is on the modernisation and refurbishment of existing buildings, on local authorities and private households upgrading and/or retrofitting and simultaneously investing in an improved quality of life and greater personal comfort. This is how the ‘smart city’ vision becomes a reality. Read more…

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