Disney’s magical IoT experience

The Internet of Things is allowing for interesting improvements in many areas of everyday life. Walt Disney World Resort, for example, has developed so-called MagicBands, which are serving to make life easier for Disney Resort hotel guests throughout their vacation.

A colourful world full of IoT magic

With its MagicBands, colourful waterproof wristbands, Disney is not only making it more convenient for its guests to enter its theme and water parks, but also order food and make other purchases that are then delivered to their hotel room.

The MagicBand technology in combination with the accompanying app ensure that standing in line for hours is a thing of the past. Visitors can reserve places on roller coasters and other offerings in advance. Overall, this results in a happier and less stressful experience, which helps attract visitors back to the park again in the future.

In addition to this, the MagicBand replaces cash, room keys, tickets and other documents, which visitors would otherwise have carry with them at all times. The features of the IoT solution are based on an analysis of customer needs and have not only helped Disney solve many problems at once, but also build closer relationships with its customers.

The technology is in the details

The MagicBands are equipped with Bluetooth and RFID technologies, which can be scanned from short and long distances in order to connect the park’s visitors with an extensive system of sensors. A sensor is capable of transmitting data for 40 steps in all directions.

When a family reaches a restaurant, for example, the service staff members receive a message on their smartphone including the content of the reservation. The kitchen staff also receives a message as to which ingredients are required for the order. Once the family reaches their table, a receiver uses the signals from the bands and determines their position using a sensor in the ceiling. The service staff therefore knows exactly which table to take the food to.

With its MagicBand, Disney has shown how the future of the recreation sector could be designed to be more user-friendly using the IoT in order to ensure a comfortable stay.

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