10 Tips for the successful use of social media for trade fairs and events

10 Tips for the successful use of social media for trade fairs and events

Events and social media are made for each other. Trade fairs and other events are still the most important places to exchange information, demonstrate new products and share with others personally and, for several years now, digitally as well. Presentations, exhibits and meetings provide great content to pass along and distribute digitally on the internet.

This has a direct impact on the communication before, during and after an event. Participation in the social web can be quite a critical success factor, especially when it comes to events that attract a lot of social media-savvy participants.

Targeted communication with the visitors, who are almost all permanently online at events via smartphone, is of utmost importance. As the German internet guru, Sascha Lobo, explained in an interview with the German Convention Bureau, the information that outsiders have of events is increasingly being characterized by visitors on site who provide “live coverage”. Social media is playing an increasingly important role for the success of the event. According to Lobo, they serve as recommendation machinery and a signpost for which events are worthwhile and which ones are not.

Only a small portion of Messe Frankfurt’s exhibitors are already present in social media and many of these have only just taken the first steps. We have therefore compiled a list of useful tips for using social media successful to market events online.

  1. Develop a strategy for the well-coordinated use of your online communications measures from the website to your digital newsletter and your social media activities.
  2. Also use all offline measures to promote your online marketing and offer strong themes that are suitable for the social web and indicate to your online offering.
  3. Create an editorial schedule for all activities and content you plan to distribute before, during and after the show.
  4. Design your informational materials (texts, images, videos, etc.) so that they can easily can be used, linked in social networks and distributed; and place them on relevant platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. whenever possible.
  5. Always use the official #Hashtag of the event in your posts, so followers of this #Hashtag will see your information.
  6. Use the additional options of social networks such as advertising, creation of special event pages or apps, which link to your site or landing pages for the trade fair.
  7. Organize hands-on activities on the social web and on-site at your trade fair stand to mobilize visitors and increase traffic on your trade fair sites.
  8. During an event, monitor the social web for any inquiries as well as the activities of the organize, other exhibitors or visitors.
  9. Answer questions, participate in discussions and network with others in the social networks.
  10. Analyse the results of your online marketing for the trade fair and optimize your strategy for the next event.

 For more tips, visit the VIVID IMAGE  blog.

Digitalization and events

The live experience of events will continue to change due to the advancing digital transformation: Virtual Reality , 3D projections or Augmented Reality are just some of the latest topics in this regard. But despite all the digitalization, only those offerings that truly provide visitors with added usage or entertainment value will be successful. This means that organizers or exhibitors have to have a sense of what visitor target groups require or even consider self-evident.

Note: Of course we will also be happy to support you in planning your online activities for the next trade fair.
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