Die Customer Journey Map der Messe Frankfurt

Messe Frankfurt’s customer journey map

Trade fairs are inherently primary touch points between companies and their customers. But as an organizer, Messe Frankfurt itself has a variety of analogue and digital touch points with different target groups, which are outlined here as examples for the personas exhibitors and visitors.

Messe Frankfurt’s customer journey map

As the marketing highlight for many companies, trade fairs are per se one of the primary touch points for customers and prospective customers. Trade fair organisers have to precisely analyse the analogue and digital contact points they can use to reach their primary target groups and which services they provide along the respective customer journeys. We have sketched this out here using the example of a Messe Frankfurt event for the personas exhibitors and visitors.

Touch points for exhibitors:

  • How do exhibitors find out about a trade fair? Messe Frankfurt’s media relations, advertising and online communication provide exhibitors and visitors with information about new trade fair dates. Individual first-time exhibitors may have been visitors at a trade fair before making the decision to participate themselves as an exhibitor.
  • In addition to this, the trade fair teams inform the respective trade fair community via email, newsletter, social media and other web offerings about the newest developments related to the respective trade fair on an ongoing basis.
  • After registering and booking the trade fair stand, exhibitors can order everything they need for their stand and on location in Frankfurt during the trade fair using the online shop for exhibitor services – from forklifts, catering, tickets and conference rooms to stand cleaning services and marketing services.

Using all these touch points in the cross-media communication mix and the frequently used digital service touch points, the trade fair ensures that exhibitors remain up-to-date on the current state of development at all times and receive the best possible service.

Customer journey touchpoints Visitors:

In addition to the above mentioned measures and possibilities for exhibitor and visitor promotion, there are several special touch points for visitors, that can be used by the trade fair itself as well as by the exhibitors to address visitors.

  • Prior to each trade fair, Messe Frankfurt and many of the exhibitors launch comprehensive cross-media campaigns to attract as many visitors to the trade fair or a specific stand as possible. The trade fair supports exhibitors with marketing material including logos, image material or text, which the exhibitors use within the framework of their advertising activities. The commitment of many exhibitors creates numerous touch points, which attract potential visitors to the trade fair.
  • The primary touch point for exhibitors and visitors alike is the event web site, both before and during the event. At Messe Frankfurt, each exhibitor is presented there with their own exhibitor profile. Exhibitors can extend their own profiles using add-ons to link to their social media profiles or include image videos and press material to have their profile displayed more prominently in search engine results, for example. A growing number of visitors is using the web site to register for the event and obtain their tickets. At the same time, they are assigned a personal account and can easily subscribe to newsletters or other useful information about the trade fair.
  • When preparing themselves for their trade fair visit, users make extensive use of the trade fair web site and the trade fair catalogue, which is available both in paper form and digitally as a PDF file.
  • In the past few years, the mobile Navigator apps have gained importance. Visitors can use these to find all the exhibitor profiles with hall maps and as well as information on special events to plan their individual trade fair visit on their smartphones and to have all information at their fingertips at the trade fair.
  • The trade fair’s blogs and social media accounts provide visitors with further useful information pertaining to the respective event, industry topics or selected trade fair highlights of individual exhibitors as well as the opportunity to engage in networking within the industry.
  • During the trade fair itself, visitors are provided with information on trade fair highlights, special events and individual services using the apps, social media and the daily trade fair newspaper “Frankfurt Daily”, which is also published digitally as an E-Paper.
  • Additional ways to address visitors in a targeted manner at the trade fair include advertising in shuttle services or on the trade fair grounds and at special events with presentations or special showcases.
  • Special events with the City of Frankfurt like “Luminale” or “Heimtextil goes City” also provide visitors the opportunity to combine their leisure-time activities in the city on the Main river with topics related to the trade fair.
  • All of the above mentioned platforms and touch points – from the website and the app to the various advertising options at the trade fair – are also available to the exhibitors as additional services to address their customers. Thus, they can increase the number of their touch points to the customer several times over to convey their own brand messages.
  • With its B2B provider portal com, the trade fair even provides a platform that exhibitors can use throughout the year to present their products and services to a growing community, contact potential customers and enter business relationships.

The trade fair’s goal is to provide each visitor added value for their trade fair visit throughout their individual customer journey with all these services. Each guest is given the opportunity to plan their visit in advance and find the relevant information quickly and easily using their own preferred communication channel, whether it be a printed catalogue with or a smartphone. At the same time, exhibitors are offered the possibility to use these channels for their own marketing.

More information on the methodologies of Customer Journey approach can be found in our blog Special.

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