The most important digital trends 2017

Fake news, artificial intelligence (AI), live video and chatbots – there are many new challenges for digital marketing experts. We have summarized the six most important digital trends of the Interaction Report published by the media agency GroupM.

1. Artificial intelligence and chatbots
Hardly a technology innovation is currently being discussed more than chatbots, which enable automated communication between man and machine based on artificial intelligence. But what do Siri, Google Now, Amazon Alexa or the smart wizard M that has been announced by Facebook have to do with marketing? A whole lot. They make it possible to improve one’s own services, get to know the users much better and adapt marketing content that is aligned with the taste, hobbies and interests of the target group. Christoph Duscynski, Senior Product & Project Manager at GroupM, is convinced that communication with a company via chatbot messenger will be as self-evident in the future as finding a company’s app in the app store is today. At the same time, he describes the current limits of this very new technology. Even if chatbots will be the form of communication of the future, the implemented cases, especially in Germany, are not yet clear or suitable for every company.

2. Merging of the real and the digital world
In 2017, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) will finally be truly linking the digital with the real world – especially at trade fairs,  these technologies are likely to find resonance. They allow trade fair visitors insights into a company or a brand that were previously blocked from view because they could not be demonstrated on site at the stand. A virtual journey into the inside workings of a product, a tour of the production, and experiencing the product directly in a real application scenario – AR and VR enrich actual exhibits with digital components that provide visitors with an emotional experience

3. Native advertising on television
According to GroupM, only 17 cents of an advertising dollar will be invested in TV spots in 2017 (compared to 21 cents in 2016). Therefore, new forms of advertising are required to interweave TV and social media. The German snack company, Bahlsen, for example, advertised in the most recent “jungle camp” show with frame splits that were updated daily based on the current jungle tests embedded in the actual TV program. At the same time, users could go through their own jungle tests in a VR game. News from the camp was also posted on Facebook, Instagram and Out-of-Home screens. Viewers are no longer passive consumers, but an active part of advertising that is adapted to the target group and the current program content.

4. The radio revolution
Music always accompanies us – in the car, at work, while working out, at parties and at home. Radio is increasingly being replaced by streaming services like Spotify and Deezer. The interesting thing about this is that users provide a wealth of information about their lifestyle, activities, mood and preferences with the music they select. That provides marketers with the opportunity to place ads in an even more targeted way and ideally accompany their target groups around the clock via streaming.

5. Live videos are booming
Parties, concerts, sporting events or everyday experiences with family and friends – everything that could be interesting for others is now live streamed on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram. Marketing experts can take advantage of this boom by letting their fans and followers participate directly in events, lectures or round tables with live videos, providing them an exclusive look behind the scenes and responding directly to their comments.

6. Beware of fake news
Actually, fake news is paradoxical. Either something has happened, or not. For advertisers, fake news can be highly unpleasant, for example, if their ads are displayed on fake news sites by Google AdSense or programmatic advertising. Web pages that are known for twisting the facts have a negative impact on brand image, because the company unintentionally finances them. According to advice provided in the trend report by GroupM, ads on authentic news sites resulted in the highest sales regardless of the reach of the other sites.

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