Corporate Blogs als Drehscheibe für das Content-Marketing

Corporate blogs as content marketing hubs

In addition to countless blogs written by experts, journalists, lifestyle icons, chefs, musicians, etc., companies are increasingly creating their own corporate blogs. As a news channel for corporate communication and as a content hub for content marketing strategies, blogs contribute to increasing a company’s visibility and image. Messe Frankfurt has also initiated a number of renowned topic-related blogs surrounding its events.

According to the “2017 Benchmark, Budgets, and Trends” study published by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 80 percent of the B2B and 75 percent of the B2C marketers surveyed publish blog posts. As platforms for dealing with specific topics, which are not directly related to a company’s brand or products, corporate blogs have become a fixed component of content marketing.

According to a study conducted across Europe by inbound expert Hubspot, corporate blogs are even the most effective content marketing instrument. One of the oldest and most well-known German corporate blogs with the highest reach is the Daimler blog, the success of which Uwe Knaus, Manager Corporate Social Media & Digital Life, explains here.

Corporate blogs as content and communication hubs

Usage is no longer simply limited to marketing and PR, but blogs are also becoming hubs for topics and providing stakeholders with entertaining information in the areas of Human Resources (Adidas), innovation (Bosch) or CSR (Cisco).

As compared to the many other communication channels, corporate blogs have the advantage of being almost limitless with regard to the format of the published content. The ease of integrating multimedia formats, images, and videos in blogs provides a way to offer clearly understandable information and address readers in a highly emotional way.

The simple technical implementation of blogs with modern content management systems and the availability of cost-effective, easily adaptable standard designs (called themes) has led to a veritable flood of corporate blogs.

True to the mantra “Mobile First”, traditional text-heavy blogs have been replaced by tiled layouts or modern flat designs, which offer a lot of space for multimedia content and visual communication. Some blogs have evolved into elaborately designed digital magazines, which fascinate by way of relevant, entertaining, professionally created content.

Due to their intrinsic features, blogs also provide sophisticated options for connecting to the social web. On the one hand, a wide variety of free content from the web, such as videos or presentations, can be easily integrated in blogs. On the other hand, all the contents of blogs can be easily placed in social networks or other sharing platforms via likes, shares, bookmarking, etc. This not only increases the reach of the content, but also has a positive effect on search engine results. And, last but not least, blogs are popular landing pages for newsletters or other email Marketing activities.

Professionalism is key

Due to the growing number, diversity and popularity of blogs, there is a trend toward increased professionalism among blogging companies in the competition for the attention of the stakeholders. The “2017 Benchmark, Budgets, and Trends” study conducted by CMI, for example, revealed that authors are investing more time in their blog posts to meet their readers growing demand for carefully researched, technically correct, entertaining text. Many content teams work according to conventional editorial processes and even integrate experienced editors, as DHL is doing, for example, to achieve a high journalistic quality.

In this way, a growing number of corporate blogs with the right strategy and SEO content are not only increasing the visibility of their company on the internet, but also gaining a reputation and stakeholder loyalty. Expert interviews, use cases or user tips can be the starting point for professional discussions, in which employees with in-depth know-how manifest the company’s expertise. Hands-on activities or how-to instructions – whether for do-it-yourselfers, cooking enthusiasts or professional users – mobilise and connect the community.

Messe Frankfurt’s blog landscape

As a digitally advanced trade fair organiser, Messe Frankfurt operates numerous blogs on specific topics itself. The blogs provide a place for people to experience all market topics, new developments and trends even beyond the actual event. The posts offer exhibitors and visitors alike important impetus on the subject matter. At the same time, they promote the networking of exhibitors, visitors, associations, media and social communities. Messe Frankfurt’s most successful blogs include the automotive blog “Driving news”, “intersec”, a blog about security, the Heimtextil blog, techtextil blog, prolight+sound blog and “ambiente – the blog”.

Messe Frankfurt uses these blogs to uniquely publish trending industry content or provide editorial support for showcases like Shoppen der Zukunft (shopping in the future), the Tendence Academy, the Hypermotion event or the initiative Living in Space. Moreover, these blogs also offer space for collaboration with associations, exhibitors and reputable experts.

The increasing reader interest shows that even trade fair organizers in their role as a marketplace operator, which brings people together, can offer the respective market communities added value and stimulating content.

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