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Navigator App provides an overview: Tendence innovations in abundance

Tendence is very popular with German and European retailers, as it is not only the main order date for winter and Christmas business in the period from 30 June to 3 July 2018, but also serves as a premiere event and order launch for next year’s spring and summer season.  A detailed overview is provided by the optimised Navigator App, which provides comprehensive information on all exhibitors as well as many other facts and a number of useful features for Tendence 2018.

The Tendence Navigator App 2018 is available for visitors and exhibitors to download free of charge for iOS and Android:

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Tendence Navigator App 2018 provides users with a comprehensive planning tool, useful orientation aid and digital address and document storage in one tool. These functions thus create the best conditions for an efficient and successful visit to Tendence.

For example, thanks to improved filter functions, users can better research, synchronize watch lists of events directly from the website with their own smartphone and transfer them directly to their own calendar with reminder and location information. The interactive site plan is also helpful: Here you can click on the exhibitors and their profiles. This provides trade fair visitors with interesting additional information.

The Navigator App is also a great help during the actual trade fair visit: Here is the app personal digital companion, which provides many functions such as event program, communication platform and orientation help. Additional information about beacons or business contacts can also be easily downloaded to the mobile phone using a QR code scanner.

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