Fit for events, digital marketing and social media: Messe Frankfurt supports brick-and-mortar retailers with digital event planner and workshops

Tendence.Impulse, the sales promotion project for retailers, is taking another leap forward in 2018 with its digital Tendence.Impulse tool and ongoing development. At the special Tendence.Impulse area in Hall 11.0 of the international consumer-goods trade fair Tendence from 30 June to 3 July 2018, retailers can gain inspiration on how they can score points vis-à-vis online retailers by creating shopping experiences. These experiences can then easily be prepared and implemented using the Tendence.Impulse tool digital event planner. Fabienne Boller, Product Manager Online Marketing / Digital Business at Messe Frankfurt, explains what has changed and improved in the Tendence.Impulse tool.

Ms Boller, why should retailers register for the Tendence.Impulse tool?

Last year we created Tendence.Impulse to provide retailers in German-speaking countries with an innovative, year-round value-added offering to help them strengthen their businesses in competition with online retailers. The digital heart of this project is the Tendence.Impulse tool , which can be used to implement individual product presentations and exciting shopping experiences in a few easy steps to attract the attention of occasional customers. This tool also provides a simple way for retailers to plan their own events and workshops with participants who have been invited beforehand. New ready-to-use promotional event templates are regularly made available in the tool itself. They can be implemented as-is, or simply serve as ideas and suggestions on how to make users’ own businesses more attractive to buyers.

Numerous examples show that the effort for a small customer event really pays off. One retailer, for example, was inspired by the Tendence.Impulse tool to offer their customers freshly baked waffles and popcorn. This required little effort, yet resulted in a 300% increase in daily turnover compared to normal business days.

What developments have been implemented in the past year?

Since the initial release in 2017, we have made several changes and additions within the scope of scheduled updates. We’ve also received many helpful suggestions from the tool’s users, which have been incorporated into the current version. For example, we significantly improved usability and clarity of the user interface. After logging in, users immediately see what the promotional event will cost per person, how much time they will have to spend and how difficult it will be to implement.

The promotional events created in the tool in 2017 required too much effort for many retailers. Therefore, these events were seldom planned and carried out because, among other things, the capacity was simply not available. We took this to heart and have already developed a “mulled wine event” for the 2017 Christmas season, which could be carried out without outside help and support. Then an Easter event could follow. This is another simple promotional event requiring no effort for the retailer, in which Messe Frankfurt provided all the necessary utensils. The newest promotional events in the tool encourage a “Foodie Fun Day” and show three different ways to get customers into the store using little treats.

The tool is also available as a demo version for the first time. This provides those, who do not want to register for the tool immediately, to try out some of its features and get an initial impression of the advantages.

What are your plans for the future?

Above all, we want to bring the advantages of the Tendence.Impulse tool to even more retailers and continuously increase our user numbers. In doing so, we are constantly striving to improve user-friendliness. For this purpose, we conduct usability tests or survey users directly. We also want to provide retailers with new and exciting events on an ongoing basis. In addition to providing impulses for successful retail events, we also seek to further improve the retailers’ digital marketing readiness. There is still a lot of untapped potential here that brick-and-mortar shops can and should use to compete with online retailers by winning over customers with special shopping experiences.

Thank you for your insight, Ms Boller.

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