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SEO with online videos

Moving images are an important part of modern company marketing. This is not only due to the many advantages that video as a medium provides as compared to text with regard to image and product advertising, but also due to its preferential treatment in search engines. The portal used most for publishing is Youtube, which is the second largest search engine worldwide after Google and an excellent option for attracting traffic to your own site.

However, Youtube works differently from search engines like Google. The users here are not only recipients, but play an important role as on other social media sites by way of comments, clicks and subscriptions. It is important to make optimum use of this power. In addition to this, the following measures are recommended for achieving the greatest possible SEO effects:

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Keywords: the foundation of successful SEA campaigns

Numerous blogs and books on the topic of search engine advertising provide tips for successful AdWords campaigns. Everyone agrees that an AdWords campaign requires careful planning in advance. This could begin, for example, with defining the targeting. In which languages and regions should the ads be displayed? Which target audience (interests, age, and gender) should be addressed? Should mobile devices or even the user’s current location be taken into account?

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Search engine marketing for B2B

92 percent of the companies surveyed by Intershop for its 2013 e-commerce report also sell their products online. To advertise this channel an eye-catching appearance in search engines is necessary. This includes search engine advertising (SEA) as well as search engines optimisation (SEO) for the organic page rank. According to the B2B Marketing Benchmark Report 2013 by Optify, these results are responsible for attracting approximately 41 percent of site visitors in the B2B sector.

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Mobile Internet changes marketing

In the current “Mobile Trends” report Forrester Research forecast for 2013 a sharp growth of retail sales in the mobile sector and of advertising messages for the mobile Internet. The prime reason for this is the rapid spread of mobile devices. There are already over a billion smartphones in the hands of consumers worldwide, and on top of this around 150 million tablets. According to Forrester’s estimates the number will rise in four years to more than 900 million tablets and three billion smartphones worldwide. The strongest growth is anticipated in the emerging economic regions such as Asia, Latin America and Africa.

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Webchance series of presentations to be held at Christmasworld, Paperworld and Creativeworld 2014

The Webchance Academy presentation forum for successful online advertising and sales is to be held at the Frankfurt exhibition grounds on 28 January 2014 as part of the Christmasworld, Paperworld and Creativeworld events. Throughout the day, various web experts will be outlining the opportunities and developments relating to online marketing and retailing in the Christmasworld forum (Hall 8.0 D11).

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Responsive design: websites in flexible get-up

The greater the variety of devices, the greater the challenge when it comes to ensuring visual and often content-related consistency in the provision of website material. One major problem concerns the differing capabilities of browsers and the size and resolution of the displays, which vary considerably from device to device. To spare visitors the need to change constantly the idea of responsive design was developed. Sectoral services such as the .net magazine or Mashable have described this new form of online presentation as one of the most important developments of the past year.

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Messe Frankfurt steps up “Digital Business”

Messe Frankfurt is setting up a new department for the purposes of further expanding its digital business. The new team will focus on overseeing and further developing internet platform, where the Messe Frankfurt Group’s company and event websites are located.

Klaus Reinke, Chief of Strategy at Messe Frankfurt: “Expanding our range of analogue and digital services – both in Frankfurt and worldwide – is one of the three central directions mapped out in Messe Frankfurt’s corporate concept. By pooling internal resources, we are able to integrate internal and external themes and processes relating to digital products.”

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Social media – essential element of the marketing mix

Within just a few years, social media has become an indispensable component of integrated marketing communication and provides companies with numerous different online platforms that allow for interaction between internet users and sharing of user-generated content. This includes:

  • communication platforms like social networks, blogs, newsgroups, forums and instant messengers
  • platforms for collaboration and knowledge management in wikis, social bookmarks and tagging as well as rating and information portals
  • Multimedia platforms with photo and video sharing portals, livecasts and podcasts
  • Platforms for entertainment including virtual worlds and online games

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