Targeted online advertising is intended to reach the right users at the right time with the right content. The quality of the audience data is essential in this regard. That is why GROHE partnered with explido»iProspect and Messe Frankfurt as a supplier of first-party data for the market launch of a smart water sensor. With the B2B audience data of the ISH trade fair, the results surpass those of a comparable campaign using Google targeting options.

Data Powerhouse GROHE explido Messe Frankfurt

GROHE Sense, a smart water sensor that warns of leaks, was launched on March 14th, 2017 at the international sanitary and heating trade fair ISH. The sensor detects leaking water, measures moisture and temperature, and immediately warns of possible water damage.

The primary objective of the campaign consisted of generating an awareness of GROHE Sense in the relevant audiences. Qualified traffic and leads were also to be generated. B2B audience data from the ISH trade fair were used for this purpose. In order to measure goal achievement, KPIs were defined for awareness, interaction and performance. Prior to the start of the campaign, a workshop was organized to determine how synergy effects between GROHE and Messe Frankfurt could be used in the best possible way to address the very specific B2B audiences as part of a programmatic advertising campaign.

Defining the audience using the ISH data

To ensure a successful campaign kick-off, the product information had to be presented directly to the non-personalized audience of gas and water installers in Germany. When seeking a suitable set of data, it became apparent that this audience is extremely difficult to narrow down.

Detailed profiles of installers were not available on the market, but rather only general data of businesses in the segment. Therefore the B2B audience data of ISH was chosen to advertise GROHE Sense. Google targeting was simultaneously used as a benchmark, as it had provided excellent results in similar campaigns in the past.

Campaign Programmatic Advertising Grohe Explido Messe FrankfurtThe following targeting options were used in the Google campaign: affinity (users with long-term interests, e.g. techies), in-market segments (users with current interests, such as real estate), as well as customer-specific affinity (users that are imported in DoubleClick based on URLs and interests).

Better results than Google targeting

The programmatic display campaign using the audience supplied by Messe Frankfurt provided extremely convincing results. The data exceeded the Google benchmark in all categories. In comparison, the ISH data achieved 100 per cent click-through rates than Google targeting. Furthermore, the click-through rates were three times higher than ad delivery in Google’s custom affinity audience.

With regard to the interaction rate, the ISH audience engaged much more with the GROHE Sense product. The bounce rate was reduced by 45 percent. In addition to this, these users took on average of four times more time examining the product information available on the landing page.

Overview Results Programmatic Advertising Campaign Grohe Explido Messe Frankfurt

The ISH audience also generated almost 40 per cent more page impressions. As the last step in the funnel, the translation of awareness into conversions also provided significantly better results. The ISH audience converted more than 40 percent better than Google’s custom affinity audience and almost 90 percent more often than the benchmarks defined in Google targeting. And all of this was achieved at significantly lower costs per action.

An excellent example of the successful use of first-party data

The successful partnership between the three global leaders GROHE, Messe Frankfurt and explido»iProspect thus achieved outstanding results in the use of first-party data for digital marketing. “We are going to include the results of the case study in our further strategic considerations regarding the digitalization of our marketing services,” said Klaus Reinke of Messe Frankfurt’s Management Board in reference to the campaign results. “This new approach to defining target audiences provided explido»iProspect and GROHE with exceptional campaign results. It showed us how valuable first-party data can be if used in the right campaign setup”, said Gaël Magda, Global Digital Marketing Director at GROHE AG.