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Virtual reality is not just a hot topic for trade fair presentations

A new wave of technology will be affecting almost every industry in the months to come: virtual reality. In just three years, an entirely new digital and media ecosystem has come into being based on VR goggles with applications not only in the area of gaming and entertainment, but also in industrial environments. Concrete applications have been tested in various industries over the past few months in the areas of product marketing, training, product design, business presentations and trade fairs.

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Marketing trends – the digital customer journey

In the digital age, brands primarily define themselves by way of interaction with their customers. The quality and originality of marketing content is just as important as the preparation and choice of the right channels — but the focus is increasingly being placed on the systematic analysis of the customer journey and the automation of relevant marketing measures.

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Virtual press conferences

Press conferences are among the most important PR tools due to their relevance to the target audience. However, this tool is also being increasingly “digitalized” using modern technologies. Parallel streaming, for example, is being used to enhance or even fully replace press conferences. Where will the journey take us? Continue reading

10 Elements of a perfect press release

According to a recent study, 50% of all press releases end up unread in the waste bin. We list 10 elements to consider for a perfect press release.

Ideally you should visualize the journalists you want to reach with your press release and persuade to report on it. Imagine how they sit at their computer receiving emails and trying to separate the wheat from the chaff. Imagine how they try to filter out interesting news for the next edition of their medium, to research additional information for an article and find only the most interesting news for their readers in the most efficient way possible. Continue reading

PR 2.0: old values in a new guise

The efficiency of Public relations continues to depend on the human factor as well as the skilful implementation of the instruments and channels.

PR remains a very important part of the marketing mix. After all, reporting about an organization, a person or a topic in the media contributes to the corporate image – especially among dialogue groups that can only be sensibly and credibly reached via media reports.

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A lot of wind, but little motion: development in digital marketing

Digitalization is a daily topic especially in marketing circles, but in reality it is creating surprisingly little turbulence. For example, the same candidates remain at the top of the ranking of the most important online marketing channels. The trending topic of content marketing is taking shape. Continue reading

Technology trends for 2016… and beyond

The IT market research company Gartner has charted the Technology trends for the new year. Division into the three clusters “digital mesh”, “smart machines” and “the new IT reality” provides a good overview.

“Further, bigger, more diverse” could be the slogan used to describe what experts are expecting for 2016. This doesn’t consist of big revolutionary new developments, but rather the exponential growth of that which is already in its infancy today. Continue reading

Aimlessly satisfied into the new year?

The “Digital Business Transformation” study published by Dexperty in September 2015 provides detailed insight into the state of digital transformation in over 600 German companies and the future perspectives. Some of the results are surprising.

What does digital business transformation mean to companies? According to a study published in September by Dexperty together with the market research firm INNOFACT AG, 55% of the respondents consider it to be the “digitalization of all conceivable company processes“, 39% see it as the “development of new business models” and 35% view it as “digitalization at the interface to the customer“. Continue reading

External assistance for the transition

Digital transformation is an absolutely necessary process that affects the entire company, but which is also very elusive. There are consultants and agencies that help make the right decisions in light of the extensive range of options and opportunities. What distinguishes them?

The approaches for digital transformation processes are increasingly diverse, the more varied and global a company is. This includes everything from the online presences of various company divisions and different online strategies, software solutions and partially networked parallel systems to digital touchpoints, e-commerce and marketing. Many companies rely on external consultants to coordinate the complex alignment and decision processes involved in transformation. They are responsible for harmonizing the requirements and needs of all the important stakeholders and thus lay the foundation for sustainable change.

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New challenges for marketing

Thanks to digital transformation, social media, blogs, and mobile marketing are playing an increasingly important role in modern marketing. The new Dexperty study “Digital Business Transformation” highlights what’s currently keeping marketing experts busy and where the trend is headed.

Digital is accounting for an increasing portion of the budget each year: Today up to 20 percent of marketing budgets are used for digital measures in at least 64 percent of those polled, while over 25 percent of the companies even allocate more than 20 percent. The larger the company, the higher the share of digital marketing in the overall budget. In the ITC industry, which is exemplary when it comes to digital marketing, around 30 percent of the budgets were allocated to digital measures in the past year according to a Bitkom study, and thus took second place behind the trade fair / event budgets.

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