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NavigatorApp: Don’t miss any trends at Heimtextil

It will take place again in Frankfurt am Main from 7 to 10 January 2020: The largest international trade fair for home and contract textiles, Heimtextil. As the first trade fair of the year, it is a mood and trend barometer for the new financial year. Do you want to discover new trends and textile innovations in the fields of interior textiles and interior design and meet promising newcomers as well as renowned industry leaders? Then Heimtextil 2020 is the right place for you. The Heimtextil Navigator App offers helpful support for planning and visiting the fair. The Navigator App for iOS and Android can be downloaded free of charge from the respective app stores: Apple App Store   Google Play     The App "Navigator Heimtextil" is the orientation guide for visitors of Heimtextil. Navigate over the fairgrounds (Site and Hall Plan), through the Exhibitor and Product search or [...]

NavigatorApp: Don’t miss any trends at Heimtextil2019-12-18T14:22:03+01:00

Data must become usable information

Companies are collecting and storing more and more data. But only when this data is processed into usable information, can its true value be tapped. Then companies can address leads more specifically or adapt offers better to customer wishes. Klaus Reinke, Chief of Corporate Strategy & Organisation at Messe Frankfurt, talks about the challenges facing data collection and processing and how Messe Frankfurt deals with them. […]

Data must become usable information2019-12-18T12:35:08+01:00

User experience is becoming an increasingly important success factor

Time is of essence and simplicity is required. This particularly applies to the online world, where customers want to move about quickly and comfortably. If, for example, you have to register for a trade fair using a complicated registration form, you may even reconsider whether you really want to participate. Or if you have to make 20 pointless clicks to buy a bottle of wine in your online shop, you will probably terminate the purchase and simply go to the wine dealer around the corner. The reason for this is faulty UX design. After all, customers want to be able to register for an event or make a purchase online just as conveniently as when they pay at the supermarket. For products and brands to work well online, professional UX design is indispensable – and above all a central aspect of marketing. Read here what UX (user experience) actually means [...]

User experience is becoming an increasingly important success factor2019-12-04T13:59:21+01:00

Trends in UX design in 2020: Data protection, AI, gesture control

User experience (UX) is the benchmark for the quality of a digital product. This user experience basically describes the experience that a user has when using software, a website or online content. The decisive factors thus far have been aspects such as benefits, aesthetics and stability. But the list goes on: especially in UX design, new developments are emerging as a result of the current online world. Read here to learn about the trends in UX design you should be prepared for. […]

Trends in UX design in 2020: Data protection, AI, gesture control2019-12-04T13:53:26+01:00

Thanks to Navigator app: make more out of Hypermotion

Hypermotion is the platform for intelligent transport systems of the future: Providers and users meet here to set new standards for tomorrow's mobility and logistics. Networking is the ultimate goal. Gain new ideas and insights by experts in the exhibition, conferences, pitch competitions, talks and workshops at the Hypermotion-Lab as an arena for start-ups, future innovators and established companies. The Hypermotion Navigator app offers helpful support. Hypermotion Navigator is available for Apple-Products (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) on the App Store and Android on Google Play Store as a free App:   Apple App Store Google Play   The Hypermotion Navigator app makes it easy for exhibitors and visitors to plan their visits and keeps them well informed at all times. They can easily navigate over the fairgrounds (Site and Hall Plan), through the Exhibitor and Product search or receive inspiration through news and twitter messages. The app currently offers the [...]

Thanks to Navigator app: make more out of Hypermotion2019-11-12T10:10:54+01:00

Thanks to Navigator App you don’t miss a thing at Cleanzone

At Cleanzone 2019, perfection meets high-tech: from 19 to 20 November 2019, the trade fair will offer cleanroom technology for the safe production of high-tech products in Hall 1.2. The event is thus aimed at all industries that produce in cleanrooms – from medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry to microtechnology. With the Navigator App 2019, Messe Frankfurt provides exhibitors, trade fair visitors and interested parties with a digital trade fair planner and companion. It offers comprehensive added value and supports users in making their trade fair visit more efficient and successful. […]

Thanks to Navigator App you don’t miss a thing at Cleanzone2019-11-06T14:05:42+01:00

Small, but with a big impact: why companies should rely on micro-influencers

Companies from all sectors - whether B2B or B2C - are now relying on influencer marketing. They benefit from the trust that followers place in people on social media. Of course, the more fans an influencer has, the more effective the influencer campaign will be. Or maybe not. In fact, reach alone is not decisive. Micro-influencers with a smaller number of followers are often characterised by a particularly loyal fan community, which is intensively involved with the contents of the sometimes niche special fields and thus also with the posts of micro-influencers. Less reach, better results Micro-influencers are primarily characterized by two features: their smaller reach and narrower thematic focus. However, no fixed number of followers applies to the classification as micro-influencer. Figures vary here from 250 to 5,000 followers, but 1,000 to 10,000 followers are not uncommon either. Because their fan base is so small, these influencers also manage [...]

Small, but with a big impact: why companies should rely on micro-influencers2019-11-26T09:25:08+01:00

Successful influencer marketing for B2B customers: Tips, tricks and pitfalls

A fierce battle for the attention of users is raging on the internet. Colourful displays are no longer enough if brands want to be seen here. One way to reach your target group today is through influencer marketing. This is because the fans of influencers trust their recommendations and reward them with reach. […]

Successful influencer marketing for B2B customers: Tips, tricks and pitfalls2019-11-04T15:59:37+01:00

Artificial intelligence: the potential for marketing

In marketing, companies are always looking for new approaches and ways to win and retain customers. Artificial intelligence (AI) opens up new opportunities, especially for marketing. Whether customer service via chatbot, image analysis and suitable product suggestions, or facial recognition for customized campaign display, marketing and advertising could be made more efficient and targeted in the future. […]

Artificial intelligence: the potential for marketing2019-09-19T16:27:31+02:00

Digital platforms create added value for sellers and suppliers

With Nextrade and Conzoom Solutions, Messe Frankfurt is launching two new online platforms specially designed to meet the requirements and needs of commerce. While Nextrade presents itself as a comprehensive B2B marketplace for the consumer goods sector, Conzoom Solutions reflects Messe Frankfurt’s entire portfolio in the consumer goods sector and offers retailers assistance in marketing, trends and POS design. We spoke with Phillip Ferger, Head of Tendence and Nordstil and second Managing Director of nmedia, about what the new platforms offer sellers and suppliers and what Messe Frankfurt is seeking to achieve with these projects. […]

Digital platforms create added value for sellers and suppliers2019-09-18T09:20:31+02:00
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