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A close look at trade fair marketing

In order to optimally support the marketing message of its exhibitors, Messe Frankfurt offers a wide range of trade fair marketing options. Among other things, various digital options are available. Jan Kluge, Manager Online Sales at Messe Frankfurt, cites a few examples to illustrate what possibilities Messe Frankfurt offers to companies in connection with digital marketing and what Key Performance Indicators they provide their customers to measure their marketing success.

Mr. Kluge, what options do you offer exhibitors when it comes to trade fair marketing?

Our exhibitors have a multitude of options here. After booking their fair booth, exhibitors automatically receive the Messe Frankfurt media package, including a profile in the popular exhibitor search on the event website and in the Navigator App. There they can be found online with extensive information. With their profile, companies can present their products and services to their target groups not only during the trade fair, but throughout the entire year. The exhibitor search and Navigator App are permanently available to interested parties as research tools. In addition to the services of the media package, there are also a number of add-on options that exhibitors can use to achieve increased visibility with relevant target groups.

Which options are these and how are they requested?

The most frequently booked products that support the services of the media package are Top of Search and Beacons. At Top of Search we offer an exclusive number of exhibitors, exactly ten, the possibility to be listed in the search function always at the beginning of the search results. On average, booking a Top of Search doubles the number of hits on the exhibitor profile.

Another tool that is frequently booked is our beacon service. These small transmitters are placed, for example, at entrances or in break areas, i.e. in areas that are heavily frequented. They send a push message to mobile devices in the proximity. These may contain additional information on exhibitors in the trade fair hall such as further product details, videos or a voucher for a coffee at the exhibition stand. With this push message, the exhibitor can reach trade fair visitors in a very targeted manner and can, for example, draw attention to his nearby stand and special products or promotions. We also offer this service only on a very limited basis, as we do not want to overload trade fair visitors with advertising and too much information.

How do you make the success of the online measures visible?

We offer reporting with data on the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Through the analysis, the customer recognizes, among other things, how many profile visits he has reached via Top of Search. The same applies to the beacons. Here, for example, it can be determined how often documents were downloaded or videos viewed. In addition, companies can determine how many visitors came to the trade fair stand on the basis of a voucher and what this contact ultimately achieved. By evaluating these figures and possibly comparing them with the previous year, in which no comparable services were booked, the exhibitor can evaluate the success of the measures for his trade fair marketing and place future planning on a solid database.

In the future, this will be even easier for our customers because we plan to make the data on the relevant KPIs available in the customer center as well. In a dashboard, the customer can retrieve this information and evaluate the success of the measure. On this basis, he can adjust his marketing activities in consultation with our consultants if necessary and thus make them as efficient as possible.

Mr. Kluge, thank you very much for the interview!


Navigator App Automechanika 2018: “Navigation system” for your fair visit

Automechanika Frankfurt (11 to 15 September 2018) is the leading international trade fair for equipment, parts, accessories, management & services for the automotive industry. It celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2018 and will be extended by many new themes such as classic cars and the REIFEN as a co-located show. Exhibitors, trade fair visitors and interested parties should use the optimised Navigator App Automechanika 2018 as a suitable “navigation system”. This enables them to obtain valuable information about the exhibitors and many useful features on their mobile device and make their visit to the trade fair more efficient overall.

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Online Marketing tools: Key Performance Indicators at a glance

Range, dwell time, engagement or conversion rate: these are only four examples of key performance indicators which marketers can use to monitor the success of their measures or the design of websites. Defining KPIs alone is of course not enough. If you define goals for your online marketing you should also be able to measure and analyse them. There are an infinite number of different tools available to marketers for this purpose; from free web tools to highly integrated marketing analysis tools which require the appropriate investment. Here we present a selection of tools which can be used by small and medium-sized companies – and we explain who they are suitable for and what you have to note when handling them.

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Most important key performance indicators for online marketing

Advertising investments require good planning, implementation and success monitoring. In contrast to conventional media, digital media provide as early as the planning stage possibilities for testing valid simulations for investment success, for making readjustments during the campaign by way of the key performance indicators (KPI) and for conducting success monitoring through to the point of sale during the follow-up.

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Call for projects: Indoor navigation system for the exhibition industry

Indoor Navigation Systems will for sure improve the experience of every visitor of exhibition centres. Just as we have become reliant on Outdoor Navigation Systems to help us reach a destination easily, European Major Exhibition Centres Association (EMECA) is now looking to apply the same idea to help us find a way through large indoor spaces like exhibition centres, shopping malls or arenas. In addition to the simple wayfinding system, the ultimate goal of such an application would be to identify the right business connection, matching a search with best suitable goals – be it companies or people. Deadline of projects submissions is August 31, 2018.

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Fit for events, digital marketing and social media: Messe Frankfurt supports brick-and-mortar retailers with digital event planner and workshops

Tendence.Impulse, the sales promotion project for retailers, is taking another leap forward in 2018 with its digital Tendence.Impulse tool and ongoing development. At the special Tendence.Impulse area in Hall 11.0 of the international consumer-goods trade fair Tendence from 30 June to 3 July 2018, retailers can gain inspiration on how they can score points vis-à-vis online retailers by creating shopping experiences. These experiences can then easily be prepared and implemented using the Tendence.Impulse tool digital event planner. Fabienne Boller, Product Manager Online Marketing / Digital Business at Messe Frankfurt, explains what has changed and improved in the Tendence.Impulse tool.

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How stationary retailers benefit from geomarketing and location-based services

In the era of corner shops, everything was still very simple. Retailers opened a shop in their neighbourhood, because they knew the people there and had good relations with them. But even then, the principle of geomarketing applied albeit unconsciously. After all, customers in wealthy residential areas usually require different products than those in poor neighbourhoods. Accordingly, retailers can adapt their offers to meet specific requirements.

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Navigator App provides an overview: Tendence innovations in abundance

Tendence is very popular with German and European retailers, as it is not only the main order date for winter and Christmas business in the period from 30 June to 3 July 2018, but also serves as a premiere event and order launch for next year’s spring and summer season.  A detailed overview is provided by the optimised Navigator App, which provides comprehensive information on all exhibitors as well as many other facts and a number of useful features for Tendence 2018.

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Decisive success factor: personalization

One of the greatest strengths of digital marketing is its ability to address target groups in a targeted, contextualized and concrete way. Content and messages can be tailored and personalized using targeting as well as recognition of cookies or user IDs. This topic personalization is becoming increasingly relevant in the B2B environment, especially for Generation Y – those born between 1980 and 2000.

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