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Digital platforms create added value for sellers and suppliers

With Nextrade and Conzoom Solutions, Messe Frankfurt is launching two new online platforms specially designed to meet the requirements and needs of commerce. While Nextrade presents itself as a comprehensive B2B marketplace for the consumer goods sector, Conzoom Solutions reflects Messe Frankfurt’s entire portfolio in the consumer goods sector and offers retailers assistance in marketing, trends and POS design. We spoke with Phillip Ferger, Head of Tendence and Nordstil and second Managing Director of nmedia, about what the new platforms offer sellers and suppliers and what Messe Frankfurt is seeking to achieve with these projects. […]

How hypertargeting is revolutionizing customer engagement

Online customers leave a veritable flood of data behind when they make purchases. If advertising companies succeed in collecting and analysing these data, and then draw strategic conclusions from them, they can tailor individual marketing measures. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an exciting tool to help achieve this goal, because it enables hypertargeting. […]

Drivers of the mobility transformation at Hypermotion 2019

Whether man, company or machine, the world is constantly on the move. Digitalisation, population growth and urbanisation processes are reinforcing this situation. Digital connectedness is also blurring the boundaries between logistics, mobility, infrastructure, transport and transportation. New technologies and concepts are emerging. Messe Frankfurt’s Hypermotion event format for the mobility and logistics sector is following this development. Hypermotion is Messe Frankfurt’s first platform to have digital transformation as its overarching theme – across all modes of transport. The networking event offers a unique mixture of conference, think tank, exhibition and start-up stage on the topic of mobility and logistics of the future. The third event will take place from 26 to 28 November in Frankfurt. […]

A clear view: facial recognition in marketing

Facial recognition is opening up new ways for marketers to address their customers. Used in combination with AI technology, this provides companies with an excellent basis for providing personalized advertising. Visitor analysis at events can also be optimized using facial recognition and thus contribute to improving the customer experience. The advantages of facial recognition are therefore obvious. But there are also a few challenges. […]

Millennials: defining the marketing enigma

Generation Y, which is also known as millennials, is a much-discussed and relatively unknown target group that is causing headaches for marketers worldwide. After all, those born between about 1980 and 1995 represent a large part of the population with purchasing power. Of course this means marketers see them as an attractive target group. Unfortunately, age and purchasing power are almost the only things that connect this heterogeneous population group. But don’t worry, the millennials can also be courted. You just have to know how. […]

IFFA 2019: Mobile orientation before and during the fair

An overview of exhibitors and products, a site plan with stand details and the list of events and news from IFFA 2019, which will take place from 04.05. to 09.05.2019 in Frankfurt am Main. The IFFA Navigator App from Messe Frankfurt offers all this. Visitors and exhibitors can thus plan their visit to the fair better and make it more efficient. And with the Navigator App, the smartphone becomes the ideal trade fair guide. The Navigator Apps for IFFA can be downloaded free of charge: Apple App Store Google Play   […]

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