Trade fairs are becoming more virtual and more tangible

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are transforming from just being fun applications to providing useful value-added tools for companies and customers alike. Exhibitors and organizers also rely on these technologies in the trade fair sector. We spoke with Simone Pfisterer from Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH, who has gained initial experience with the use of these new technologies as division manager for Servparc, an event that will be launched this year with an innovative new setup.

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Successful ISH thanks to NavigatorApp

The ISH NavigatorApp turns the smartphone into a trade fair navigator and provides useful and exciting information on all exhibitors at the trade fair. Visitors and exhibitors can now download the ISH NavigatorApp free of charge here. The fair takes place from 11.03. to 15.03.2019 in Frankfurt am Main.

Messe Frankfurt Logo ISHApple App Store

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The free NavigatorApp offers visitors and exhibitors comprehensive support before, during and after the trade fair. Thus, users can quickly and clearly find all information and maps of the exhibitors. In addition, app users can create, save and retrieve their own personal watch list with events, companies and products at any time – even offline. In the Burgermenu, users can find additional information such as opening times, directions, parking and other services.

Currently the app offers the following features:

  • Favorites: Your favorite companies and events at a glance, synchronize your favorite exhibitors from our online customer center (requires Messe-Login)
  • Scanner: Scan function for QR codes. Scan QR codes from exhibitors or visitor badges and transfer them to your contacts.
  • Nearby: Downloads of PDF documents and videos from exhibitors near you
  • My downloads: All downloads from the exhibitor search and from “Nearby” in one place.
  • News: With press releases and social media channels.
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Off to new worlds: VR and AR in marketing

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) can be used to create artificial worlds and extend real worlds. Whether the user wants to take a trip into the dinosaur age or walk through their new kitchen before purchasing it, VR and AR make it possible. Does this sound like a tempting idea especially for marketing? It certainly does. It could be an excellent idea as long as companies know and respect the technology’s challenges and limitations.

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Augmented Reality is becoming advertiser reality

At least since the mobile game Pokémon GO took the world by storm, marketers have realized that Augmented Reality (AR) has the potential to ignite customer interest. This new, emotional way of storytelling inspires marketing managers, because they can now present their products in any environment and in a user-individual way thanks to AR. Some popular examples demonstrate how it works.

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Digital trade fair guide for Christmasworld, Creativeworld and Paperworld

The smartphone becomes an exhibition navigator and provides useful and exciting information on all exhibitorsat Christmasworld, Creative World and Paperworld. This is made possible by the Navigator Apps for the world fairs taking place from 25.01./26.01 to 29.01.2019 in Frankfurt am Main. Visitors and exhibitors can now download the Navigator Apps for the world fairs free of charge here:

Logo christmasworldApple App Store

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Logo creativeworldApple App Store

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Logo paperworldApple App Store

Google Play


The free Navigator apps provide users with quick and easy access to all the information and site plans of the exhibitors – before, during and after the trade fair. You can create your own reminder list with firms, products and events that interest you and retrieve them at any time, even offline.

  • The app offers the following features:
  • Exhibitors: search for companies and products, filter and sort functions available
  • Fairground: floor plan with booth details. Find your favorites within the hall plan with the quick finder.
  • Events: everything that’s happening during the show like special exhibits, conventions etc. Add them to your personal calendar or add them to your personal watchlist.
  • News: with press releases and social-media-channels
  • Favorites: your favorite companies and events at a glance, synchronize your favorite exhibitors from our online customer center (requires Messe-Login)
  • Scanner: scan functionality for QR-codes, scan QR-Codes on the visitor badges and import this data in your contacts
  • Nearby: over the air downloads and videos from exhibitors you passed by (BT required)
  • My Downloads: all downloads from the exhibitor search and from “Nearby” in one place
  • Trends 2019/20
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The changing world of trade fairs: more intelligent, personal and relevant

Increasing digitalisation is also driving progress in the trade fair industry. For example, new technologies or changing customer requirements necessitate adjustments or even rethinking in digital trade fair marketing. We spoke with Martina Bergmann, Head of Digital Products and Web Solutions at Messe Frankfurt, about future trends and challenges.

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The hot phase of IoT marketing is beginning

The Internet of Things (IoT) will also pick up speed in marketing next year. Not just in theory, but in the form of practical examples. After all, what used to be an empty buzzword has now become a natural part of everyday life for many people. And by 2020, more than 20 billion devices worldwide are expected to be part of the Internet of Things including nearly 13 billion in the consumer sector. But what does this development mean for marketing?

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Season’s Greetings

A gratifying year marked by encounter with new acquaintances and familiar associates is drawing to a close.

For 2019, our goal will remain to present exciting content and platforms via the Connected-Blog and our events, in order to bring together knowledge and to promote the exchange about future topics!

With this in mind we wish you and your families wonderful
holidays and a blessed new year with successful projects.

Best wishes

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