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The ten most important steps to successful trade fair and content marketing

Communications strategies are increasingly focusing on content. Trade fairs and events are gaining particular significance in this context as distribution platforms and idea pools with numerous follow-up opportunities in the digital and real worlds. The following list includes the ten most important steps to ensuring the success of your content marketing strategy for trade fairs and events:

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Hotspots for collecting and distributing content: content marketing for trade shows and events

In many industries, trade fairs and the accompanying conferences are often one of the marketing and communications highlights of the year. These events are used to introduce new products, discuss key industry topics and communicate the trends of the next few months. For exhibitors and organizers, they also represent the pinnacle of their content marketing efforts. Events and the organizers are offering a widening array of new opportunities, not only for distributing content, but also for collecting interesting topics for their own content pipelines.

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Big data, big change? Digital marketing transformation-the status quo

The digitalization of corporate communication is progressing. Two key features of this development are the advent of big data and the associated automation in marketing. But the main problem with this development is that marketers are marketers. They’re not data analysts.

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Native advertising in the optimisation process

Advertisers have high expectations of native advertising and this is particularly true when it comes to mobile use. Due to the close relationship consumers have with their personal mobile devices and the associated intensity of use, better advertising results are expected on mobile devices than on desktops. However, more requirements have to be met for mobile implementation. Only specifically adapted native advertising formats, which are smoothly integrated in journalistic contexts, can succeed here.

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Putting forms of advertising to the test

Native advertising is increasingly taking hold. At the same time, “in-your-face” advertising is becoming less and less popular. Due to the deep integration in the editorial content of renowned media offerings, native advertising is considered to be one of the great opportunities when it comes to marketing and commercializing content.

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Virtual press conferences

Press conferences are among the most important PR tools due to their relevance to the target audience. However, this tool is also being increasingly “digitalized” using modern technologies. Parallel streaming, for example, is being used to enhance or even fully replace press conferences. Where will the journey take us? Continue reading

PR 2.0: old values in a new guise

The efficiency of Public relations continues to depend on the human factor as well as the skilful implementation of the instruments and channels.

PR remains a very important part of the marketing mix. After all, reporting about an organization, a person or a topic in the media contributes to the corporate image – especially among dialogue groups that can only be sensibly and credibly reached via media reports.

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A lot of wind, but little motion: development in digital marketing

Digitalization is a daily topic especially in marketing circles, but in reality it is creating surprisingly little turbulence. For example, the same candidates remain at the top of the ranking of the most important online marketing channels. The trending topic of content marketing is taking shape. Continue reading