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Say yes to digital, but with caution

The critical debate surrounding digitalization initiated by the German Media Congress in January in Frankfurt almost seems like a journey back in time. Since then, an increasing number of marketing managers from reputable companies such as Deutsche Telekom and Philips have plead for more prudence with regard to adapting digital technologies in marketing and investing in digital advertising. Are conventional forms of advertising about to experience a comeback?

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Apps for trade fairs: “everything at a glance at the right time”

Apps have become an integral component of the marketing and communication services offered by trade fair organizers. Ellen Matheis, coordinator of web solutions at Messe Frankfurt, talks about the advantages of trade fair apps for exhibitors and visitors, as well as the added value for organizers.

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Digital trade fair marketing provides the platform for connecting real and digital worlds

Trade fairs are increasingly connecting the digital and the real world. Henric Uherek, Coordinator Messe Frankfurt, explains the challenges that this development poses for exhibitors and trade fair organizers and what’s up next for digital trade fair marketing in 2017 and beyond.

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Online on the hook: digital marketing for optimum trade fair preparation

Digital marketing is booming. Nevertheless, “analogue” face-to-face contact at trade fairs is irreplaceable. For many exhibitors, trade fair visitors consist almost entirely of their most important target groups. Nowhere else do they have such a concentrated opportunity to reach prospects, customers, partners or suppliers. In addition to this, trade fair stands provide an opportunity to present products, position oneself as a competent trusted provider and employer, and answer questions in detail. It is not rare for projects and large orders to be acquired in this way. Nevertheless, the success of a trade fair can be increased considerably using digital marketing measures. What can exhibitors do in preparation to increase the number of visitors to their stand?

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Where virtual and real world merge: digital marketing at the trade fair stand

Face to face contact with visitors is made at the trade fair stand, but digital marketing tools such as digital lead generation systems or mobile technologies like augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) are opening up new opportunities to extend trade fair stands into the digital world and provide visitors with an emotional and direct experience of one’s own company and product world.

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Digital Transformation: We see ourselves as pioneers

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Digital transformation has truly taken hold in the trade fair industry – from online portals where exhibitors can order services for their trade fair stands to mobile apps for planning trade fair visits entirely using a smartphone and year-round B2B provider portals. Martina Bergmann, Head of Digital Business at Messe Frankfurt, speaks about the opportunities and challenges of the digital transformation in trade fair marketing.

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Digitalization of automotive industry and Automechanika-Marketing is about emotionalising content

The invention of the automobile still stands for virtually unlimited personal mobility. But the digital transformation is now calling established mobility concepts into question. Networked cars, car-sharing services and even alternative propulsion technologies mark a new paradigm, which is challenging the entire industry. Olaf Mußhoff, Director Automechanika Frankfurt and Dr. Ann-Katrin Klusak, Director Marketing Communications Mobility & Logistics at Messe Frankfurt, provide a sneak preview of the future trends that will be presented at the Automechanika trade fair in Frankfurt and explains the important role that this leading trade fair will have in the automotive industry’s digital transition.

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10 Tips for the successful use of social media for trade fairs and events

Events and social media are made for each other. Trade fairs and other events are still the most important places to exchange information, demonstrate new products and share with others personally and, for several years now, digitally as well. Presentations, exhibits and meetings provide great content to pass along and distribute digitally on the internet.

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Promotional day for the global trade fair industry

The first Global Exhibitions Day (#GED16) is taking place on June 8th. In January 2016, the global trade fair association ufi launched the Global Exhibition Day and has since found supporters around the world. Activities will be organized worldwide on June 8th, 2016 with the goal of networking the global trade fair industry and demonstrating the importance of trade fairs for the respective locations and especially for the local, national and global economies.

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