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Praise and criticism: customer reviews as a success factor

Online reviews on the internet have become extremely important for service providers and retailers, because potential customers now increasingly make their purchases based on the opinions of other customers. For many consumers, rating portals serve as alternatives to search engines as guides to the best deals.

Therefore companies have been increasingly confronted with evaluation and comparison portals for many years now. From major brands to local suppliers, companies can not avoid the ratings nor choose whether the praise and criticism is published. Those who place their products and services on the market must automatically assume that customers will exercise their right to freedom of expression by entering and rating the companies on a growing number of portals. Negative reviews can be very bad for business in some circumstances and this can only be counteracted by quick, skilful responses and numerous positive reviews.

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Automated B2B communication

Effective marketing is based on the collection, processing, and visualization of numerous key figures. For example, the effect of conventional TV or print campaigns can be determined to an extent by analysing Google searches or website traffic.

However, in order to draw conclusions of strategic significance, differentiated analysis has to be carried out. And new metrics that go beyond rudimentary figures such as number of visitors and click-through rate are required even for slightly modified campaigns.

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Optimized for on-the-go: emails for mobile marketing

Email communication is one of the two most frequently used applications on smartphones and tablets. According to a study conducted by artegic, that’s why email marketing remains the most important mobile marketing tool at 68 percent. In addition to the many new opportunities that this provides, the number of requirements is also increasing. To start with, email messages on mobile devices are usually displayed quite differently than in desktop email programs. That which looks perfect on a large monitor may look entirely misaligned on a smartphone and actually create a negative impression.

The use of responsive emails based on templates is recommended to ensure that emails are displayed as intended on all devices. Of course the responsive layouts determine the characteristics of the recipient device and adapt themselves using so-called media queries and the respective CSS3 commands.

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Mobile strategies and digital direct-marketing on a high business level

M-Days – Specialised Exhibition with Integrated Conference for the Mobile Business – and Email-Expo – Exhibition with Integrated Conference for Data Driven Marketing – in Frankfurt am Main closed their doors today after two successful days during which experts on the supplier and user sides exchanged ideas and information on a very high business level. The focus was on the need for mobile strategies and solutions to meet the demands of the future. Around 4,400 M-Days attendees, most of them from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland, took advantage of the intensive atmosphere in Hall 11 of Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre.

“Attendees were impressed by the combination of exhibition and conference. The integrated concept of M-Days 2014 worked perfectly from the very beginning”, said Iris Jeglitza-Moshage, Member of the Extended Board of Management of Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH, summing up the echo from attendees. “Now in its ninth edition, M-Days has developed into a high-grade event for tomorrow’s business world.”

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