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A clear view: facial recognition in marketing

Facial recognition is opening up new ways for marketers to address their customers. Used in combination with AI technology, this provides companies with an excellent basis for providing personalized advertising. Visitor analysis at events can also be optimized using facial recognition and thus contribute to improving the customer experience. The advantages of facial recognition are therefore obvious. But there are also a few challenges.

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Visitor management at trade fairs and events: this is how counting is performed today

Whether at trade fairs, congresses or events, keeping a close eye on the number of guests is essential for organisers. Visitor safety is the overriding goal here. However, measuring the success of the event and the associated marketing activities as well as the planning of future events also need systems, with which the number of visitors can be measured. Trade fair exhibitors benefit from the fact that they can optimally plan their trade fair presence based on this data. New technologies are helping achieve this and, in addition to pure numerical work, have quite a few other talents.

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