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Artificial intelligence: science-fiction in marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) may sound scary at first. It conjures up images of robots that outpace us intellectually and eventually dominate us. But we actually come into contact with AI on a daily basis. And we are increasingly gaining an appreciation of the convenience it provides. So how can we take advantage of intelligent self-learning systems in marketing?

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A look into the glass ball of data: predictive analytics in marketing

Predictive analytics promise to help us predict the future – a capability that has always fascinated mankind. In the world of marketing, data analysis that enables forecasts of the future, would be a powerful instrument for using budgets in a targeted way and optimizing the success of campaigns and measures.

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Virtual press conferences

Press conferences are among the most important PR tools due to their relevance to the target audience. However, this tool is also being increasingly “digitalized” using modern technologies. Parallel streaming, for example, is being used to enhance or even fully replace press conferences. Where will the journey take us? Continue reading

10 Elements of a perfect press release

According to a recent study, 50% of all press releases end up unread in the waste bin. We list 10 elements to consider for a perfect press release.

Ideally you should visualize the journalists you want to reach with your press release and persuade to report on it. Imagine how they sit at their computer receiving emails and trying to separate the wheat from the chaff. Imagine how they try to filter out interesting news for the next edition of their medium, to research additional information for an article and find only the most interesting news for their readers in the most efficient way possible. Continue reading

New challenges for marketing

Thanks to digital transformation, social media, blogs, and mobile marketing are playing an increasingly important role in modern marketing. The new Dexperty study “Digital Business Transformation” highlights what’s currently keeping marketing experts busy and where the trend is headed.

Digital is accounting for an increasing portion of the budget each year: Today up to 20 percent of marketing budgets are used for digital measures in at least 64 percent of those polled, while over 25 percent of the companies even allocate more than 20 percent. The larger the company, the higher the share of digital marketing in the overall budget. In the ITC industry, which is exemplary when it comes to digital marketing, around 30 percent of the budgets were allocated to digital measures in the past year according to a Bitkom study, and thus took second place behind the trade fair / event budgets.

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All systems go for the Christmas season

The season which brings the online retail trade the greatest sales has to be well prepared. We’ve compiled a number of items which should already be top of the To Do list.

The Christmas period confronts retailers with major challenges long before it gets going. The aim must be to make thorough preparations in order, on the one hand, to generate the greatest possible sales and, on the other, to respond adequately to the rush of orders.

To cope with the quantities ordered in the Christmas business without sacrificing quality and service, early steps have to be taken to set the correct course in technical, logistical and personnel-related questions. After all, the relevant analyses, the development of new solutions or the incorporation of additional personnel need an adequate run-up period. And there’s no time for this when things get moving. Then smooth technical, organizational and logistical sequences are an absolute must.

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Facebook marketing – who is responsible for user contributions? – Part 1

Facebook is used by many medium-sized companies for marketing purposes. The desired result is that fans not only look at posts, but also share and/or comment. But what happens if a fan’s contribution is in violation of the law (e.g. an abusive or racist comment)? Can the company be held liable as the manager of the Facebook page?

Find out which contributions are considered external and whether there is an obligation to curate content in this guest article by Nina Mülhens, Public Relations & Social Media Manager at Gelbe Seiten Marketing Gesellschaft and author for Treffer!, the Gelbe Seiten (German Yellow Pages)blog.

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