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How influencer marketing works in the B2B sector

Influencer marketing has become very popular among advertisers. With high reach on social media channels, they appear to be the perfect mouthpiece to reach the increasingly important employee target group consisting of millennials. Traditional advertising does not motivate members of this target group to buy, but arouses scepticism. Companies are therefore looking for strategies to integrate influencers into their marketing. This is particularly true in the B2C sector, but success can also be achieved by using influencers in B2B marketing. However, other rules apply here.

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Millennials: defining the marketing enigma

Generation Y, which is also known as millennials, is a much-discussed and relatively unknown target group that is causing headaches for marketers worldwide. After all, those born between about 1980 and 1995 represent a large part of the population with purchasing power. Of course this means marketers see them as an attractive target group. Unfortunately, age and purchasing power are almost the only things that connect this heterogeneous population group. But don’t worry, the millennials can also be courted. You just have to know how.

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The right approach and offers are required to inspire millennials

Everyone is talking about the millennials target group. They are digitally connected, thirsty for knowledge and on their way to the top of the career ladder. They are the future leaders of companies. For this reason, they are also of particular importance for Messe Frankfurt. Julia Uherek, Group Show Director Consumer Goods Fairs, explains what Messe Frankfurt is doing to inspire millennials for its events.

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