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B2B Audience Marketing – addressing target groups also a sure thing in the B2B domain

Targeting customers and interested individuals has already become common practice in B2C online marketing. But for advertisers it is a real challenge in the B2B domain because there is both a quantitative and qualitative lack of the relevant data needed for addressing target groups. With its Audience Marketing service Messe Frankfurt offers a solution to this. We spoke to Dennis Stritter, Digital Business Product Manager at Messe Frankfurt Digital Services about what Messe Frankfurt is doing in terms of Audience Marketing and how advertisers can profit from it.

May 2018

Dennis Stritter, Digital Business Product Manager at Messe Frankfurt Digital Services
Dennis Stritter, Digital Business Product Manager at Messe Frankfurt Digital Services

What does B2B Audience Marketing involve and what does Messe Frankfurt provide?

Today’s customers expect to be addressed in an authentic, targeted and individual manner. It’s therefore important that the customer be understood and that communication be geared specifically to his needs. Interested individuals and customers, the so-called audience, are identified in online marketing by means of modern technology at the digital touchpoints and are addressed in real time. The quality of the target group data is enormously important here. After all, the more specifically prospective customers are addressed the more successfully campaigns can be implemented. And this is where we at Messe Frankfurt come in. We make available to our customers, in a form not otherwise available on the market, high-quality business-to-business audiences to enable them to address the target groups.

What sectors can Messe Frankfurt cover with B2B audiences?

We find our audiences on a wide variety of platforms, such as the relevant event websites, the navigation apps and on the exhibitor and product search. That is why we have specific audience insights and can give our customers the best possible advice. The sectors range from consumer goods, entertainment, media & creative industries, mobility & logistics through to technology and textile & textile technologies.

We can provide this service not only in the context of our events but also all year round.

How do advertising customers profit from your service?

With our Messe Frankfurt audiences advertisers can make a personalised approach to their target groups. The advantages of specific targeting possibilities include minimisation of scatter losses, addressing specific target groups and ultimately the efficient deployment of the campaign budget.

We provide interested advertisers with our audiences via our partner explido. explido is a world-leading performance marketing agency which sets up the campaign for the customer with due consideration of budget and objectives, and also implements, optimises and evaluates it.

Can you give an example of such an Audience Marketing campaign?

In the spring of 2017 the sanitary ware supplier Grohe wanted to introduce a new product. The aims were to arouse the interest of the target group of plumbing companies in the new product, to generate qualified traffic and to generate leads.

The challenge: only general data relating to craft companies was available on the market, not precise profiles of plumbing companies. That is why as part of a programmatic advertising campaign use was made of the B2B audience of ISH, a world-leading trade fair for innovative bathrooms, energy-efficient heating technology, air-conditioning technology and renewable energy. To assess the performance of the ISH audience a reference campaign with targeting options was created by Google. The ISH campaign results were very convincing. Overall the results of the ISH audience surpassed the Google benchmark in all relevant KPIs, and in some cases by a very wide margin.

What are you planning for the future in connection with Audience Marketing?

Our service has only been on the market for a short time. Messe Frankfurt is a group with international operations and so international B2B audiences would therefore be an exciting next step in the future. But now it’s a matter of gathering experience and getting to know the needs of our customers.

Mr Stritter, thank you for talking to us!


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