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Hypermotion as an innovation platform and pioneer for new mobility solutions

Everyone is talking about digitalisation and sustainability, while also placing new demands on mobility and logistics. For example, the transport system of the future must be networked, intelligent, multimodal, environmentally friendly and available at all times. We spoke with Danilo Kirschner, Director Hypermotion at Messe Frankfurt, about these new challenges and how Hypermotion can contribute to innovative solutions.

October 2019

Danilo Kirschner, Director Hypermotion, Messe Frankfurt
Danilo Kirschner, Director Hypermotion, Messe Frankfurt

What is the idea behind the Hypermotion event concept?

Hypermotion is the first independent platform for the digital transformation of transport, mobility and logistics. With this event format, we are creating a framework to illustrate newly emerging, networked, integrated and multimodal systems and solutions and to discuss their effects on the economy and society. Due to the event character, we even go one step further with Hypermotion, as we create a transfer of know-how through numerous interactive elements. This also makes us a marketplace and trailblazer for companies that want to set new standards in mobility and logistics and establish new business models.

With Hypermotion, we have created a large networking platform in which every visitor can participate. The possibilities are numerous: event visitors can exchange ideas with representatives of pioneer companies on site in the exhibition area, participate in exciting conferences with top-class experts, in open discussions and workshops, or be inspired by start-ups and young, innovative companies at pitches, speed-networking or in the Urban Mobility Lab.

What is the purpose of this event?

The boundaries between logistics, mobility, infrastructure and transport are dissolving. Old mobility concepts are reaching their limits, while new, networked, integrated and multimodal systems and solutions are emerging. Industry events have thus far focussed on the challenges and solutions facing the respective industry, but often not enough has been provided in terms of future perspectives and networking. At Hypermotion, we are taking a different approach and bringing together all the stakeholders, opinions and solutions relevant to the transformation of transportation. We are breaking out of the silo mindset and giving experts a platform to discuss these challenges and their effects on the economy and society across the board, and to develop solutions and new business models.

Who is Messe Frankfurt addressing with this format?

With Hypermotion, we want to bring together users and providers who are defining the new standards for tomorrow's mobility and logistics. We are therefore addressing experts from automotive, logistics, mobility services, IT and software companies, transportation companies, infrastructure companies, consulting firms, capital ventures, architecture and planning offices, municipalities, public authorities, as well as from the world of science and research. Our target groups are characterized by a high level of professional competence in this area. As such, we don't define ourselves as a B2B, but as a B2P (business-to-professional) event. Due to the high level of know-how of all participants and the interactive concept, supply not only meets but truly networks with demand at Hypermotion.

Due to the combined knowledge and the interactive character, we see the event participants as part of the solution, as they discuss and develop new standards together, create new concepts and finally engage in knowledge transfer through interdisciplinary thinking.

What role do digital solutions and innovations play in the design of Hypermotion?

We attach great importance to digital solutions. These tools not only fit the overall concept, but also the user behaviour of our event participants. We dare to experiment and work according to the motto "be courageous and try things out". We also see Hypermotion as a kind of testing ground, even for the entire Messe Frankfurt group, where we can try new things that we can then use later at other events.

For example, we installed a digital voice assistant at the event early on, which was able to answer visitor enquiries independently, and also organised a hackathon in 2017. We also implemented RFID ticketing. This helped us determine who arrives at Hypermotion and when, or who leaves an event and when, for example. That makes it possible to determine the interest and attractiveness of individual offers or the event as a whole. This year we integrated a new feature into our app, which allows participants to engage in a discussion via message or take part in surveys and live voting.

We are planning the use of autonomous buses for upcoming events. We are also thinking about implementing an event matching tool that shows the user potentially interesting dialogue partners within a defined radius and offers an opportunity to make contact with them.

What should participants have gained by the end of the event?

It is important for us that Hypermotion participants leave the event feeling inspired. This means they should go home with a clear sense of having learned something. Or they should have new ideas and concepts for their own project in mind due to the workshops, pitches or discussions. They may also have spoken to someone who can provide a solution to an existing problem or who can work with them to develop a solution to a specific problem and build a business.

What role do influencers play for you?

The experts who will be speaking during the conference programme, for example, are already a major driving force for the event and act as influencers for the industry. When selecting the speakers, we attach great importance to finding a good mix of technically adept forward and lateral thinkers with fresh ideas and a high level of credibility as well as well-known business speakers.

What are your long-term goals?

In the future, we want to establish Hypermotion as a fixed part of the transformation of transportation, as a platform where experts and decision-makers meet, exchange ideas and develop approaches for real solutions to current and future challenges in the field of mobility and logistics. Hypermotion will no longer just be an insider tip, but a "place-to-be event" for the relevant players in the market. Our economic goal also consists of growing - initially within Germany, but then also worldwide. For example, we are planning an event at the World Expo 2020 in Dubai and then further events in North America and Asia. As part of this overall development, we want to press ahead with the transformation of Messe Frankfurt from a traditional provider of space for events to a full-service communications provider.

Thank you for your insight, Mr. Kirschner.



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