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"Data Powerhouse": Messe Frankfurt, GROHE and explido»iProspect set new targeting standards

Reaching the right users at the right time with my messages - that's what programmatic advertising on the Internet is supposed to enable for companies. Especially in B2B, defining the specific target group and addressing it is crucial. Therefore, GROHE relies on a cooperation with explido»iProspect and Messe Frankfurt as supplier of first party data for the market launch of an intelligent water sensor. With the B2B target group data from the ISH trade fair, the result significantly exceeds the results of a comparative campaign with targeting options from Google.

May 2017

‘This new way of creating audience groups delivered us outstanding campaign results. It showed us how absolutely valuable first-party data can be when it’s used in the right programmatic set up.’

Gaël Magda, Global Digital Marketing Director, GROHE AG

The market launch of GROHE Sense, an intelligent water sensor that warns of leaks, took place on March 14, 2017, as part of the ISH, World’s leading trade fair for HVAC and water, at Messe Frankfurt. The sensor detects leaking water, measures humidity and temperature, and immediately warns of potential water damage. The primary goal of the campaign was to generate awareness for GROHE Sense among the relevant target groups. In addition, qualified traffic and leads were to be generated. B2B target group data from the ISH trade fair was used for this purpose. To measure the achievement of objectives, KPIs were defined in terms of awareness, interaction and performance. Prior to the campaign launch, a workshop was held to determine how the synergies of GROHE and Messe Frankfurt could be used in the best possible way to address the highly specific B2B target groups as part of a programmatic advertising campaign.

Narrowing down the target group with the help of ISH data

For a successful campaign launch, the product information had to be played out directly to the non-personalized target group of gas and water installers in Germany. In the search for a suitable set of data, it was discovered that it was extremely difficult to optimally narrow down this target group. Instead of exact profiles of plumbers, only general data on craft businesses was available on the market. For the campaign, B2B target group data from the ISH was therefore selected to promote GROHE Sense. As a benchmark, Google targeting was also used in parallel, with which excellent results have been achieved in similar campaigns in the past. The following targeting options were used with Google: Affinity (users with long-term interests, e.g., technology aficionados), in-market segments (users with current interests, e.g., real estate), and custom affinity (users imported into DoubleClick based on URLs and interests).

Better results than Google targeting

The programmatic display campaign with the target group provided by Messe Frankfurt delivered extremely convincing results. The data outperformed the Google benchmark in all categories. In comparison, the ISH data achieved 100 percent better results in click-through rates than targeting via Google. Click-through rates were three times higher than ad delivery for Google's custom affinity audience.

In terms of interaction rate, the target group at the ISH also engaged with the GROHE Sense product much more intensively. The bounce rate was reduced by 45 percent. Furthermore, these users took an average of four times more time to engage with the product information available on the landing page. In addition, the ISH target group generated nearly 40 percent more page impressions. Converting awareness into conversions - the final step in the funnel - also yielded significantly better results. ISH's audience converted more than 40 percent better than Google's custom affinity targeting, and nearly 90 percent more often than the benchmarks set in Google targeting. All this at a significantly lower cost per action.

Performance ISH Data vs. Google

Excellent example of the successful use of first party data

Thus, the successful cooperation of the three top global companies GROHE, Messe Frankfurt and explido "iProspect delivers outstanding results in the field of using first party data in digital marketing. "This new way of creating audience groups delivered us outstanding campaign results. It showed us how absolutely valuable first-party data can be when it’s used in the right programmatic set up," says Gaël Magda, Global Digital Marketing Director GROHE AG.



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