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Reaching trade fair audiences optimally on the web with B2B Audience Marketing

When trade fairs are cancelled, companies with specific B2B target groups also look for online marketing solutions to promote their products and innovations. Messe Frankfurt offers the right support for this with intelligent B2B targeting, and not just in times when trade fairs cannot take place. The Oras Group relied on Messe Frankfurt's B2B Audience Marketing for its Hansa Smart products and was thus able to reach 100 percent of its desired target group, the trade audience at the ISH.

February 2022

'With B2B Audience Marketing, we were able to reach our target group digitally, even in difficult times without trade fairs. This allowed us to successfully draw attention to our Hansa Smart products.'


Trade fairs are among the most important marketing tools for B2B companies. But contact-restricting measures to combat the Corona pandemic meant that most trade fairs and industry platforms could not take place in 2020 and 2021. Many companies, including Oras Group, a manufacturer of touchless faucets, therefore relied more on online advertising to inform their core target groups about new products. The Oras Group's target group for its Bluetooth-enabled Hansa Smart faucets are trade fair visitors to ISH, the leading trade fair for water, heat, air conditioning, as well as other trade fairs from the sanitary industry. But data-based advertising on the internet is more complex for B2B than for B2C. The options for accessing quantitatively high-quality target group data are fewer. Intelligent targeting such as B2B Audience Marketing by Messe Frankfurt offers companies the right support with data-based targeting, and not just since the Corona pandemic. Since 2017, B2B Audience Marketing has been boosting the online marketing success of its customers and thus extending target group contact beyond the trade fair period.

Online marketing without scatter losses

Hansa Smart online campagne
Hansa Smart, Oras Group

Messe Frankfurt gives companies exclusive access to their specific target groups. This data is generated via Messe Frankfurt's online offering: the respective event websites and the Navigator apps accompanying the trade fairs. With its events, Messe Frankfurt covers a wide range of industries. In 2019, 423 trade fairs, congresses and events were held worldwide under the umbrella of the corporate group. The exhibitor and product search has now established itself as a heavily used research tool for B2B - completely independent of the event calendar. Almost every visitor to the event websites uses the exhibitor and product search. This enables Messe Frankfurt to generate high-quality data on broad but also narrowly focused target groups and make it usable for a wide variety of marketing objectives without scatter losses.

Reach target groups even in difficult times without physical B2B events

Hansa Smart, Oras Group
Hansa Smart, Oras Group

The Oras Group is one of the leading manufacturers of touchless faucets. The new Hansa Smart product series can be controlled via integrated Bluetooth technology. Due to the cancellation of B2B events caused by the pandemic, important trade fairs were canceled for the Oras Group, which would have contributed significantly to the awareness of the new products. The goal of the 2020 online marketing campaign in cooperation with Messe Frankfurt was to nevertheless inform the Oras Group's customers and B2B core target groups about this new generation of faucets and to create an attention-grabbing basis for further promotion of the products in the end consumer market. With the help of data from Messe Frankfurt, acting as a "business reach enabler" here, the target group for the prepared video campaign could be clearly defined and played out cross-device over the desired eight-week period. The Oras Group was more than satisfied with the result: Despite the pointed target group, trade visitors of the ISH as well as other B2B events from the sanitary industry, the advertising message reached the desired addressees on the web. This is evidenced above all by the so-called "view through rate" (VTR), which provides information about how long users watch certain moving image content on the internet, and is thus evidence of relevance. In the case of the video on Hansa Smart fittings, the VTR exceeded the Oras Group's expectations, with 73 percent of the video content of around 600,000 views being viewed in full.



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