SEO using one’s own company blog

There is often much more to be said than there is space for on a purely functional and commercial website. This can include industry studies, use cases, best practices, support tips for customers, a look behind the scenes and current business activities. Therefore so-called corporate blogs have been established in the past few years, which run alongside and independent of the corporate website. They are used to post rather uncommercial articles on a regular basis, which extend beyond the concept of the website itself.

This makes it possible to cover search terms, for which their is no suitable content on the commercial website. Via search engines, visitors then find articles on topics they are interested in, which in turn provide links to the main site. This serves to provide the website with a wide traffic gateway.
Corporate blogs can also be used in a targeted manner as an SEO tool for building links. This requires content that is not too specific, but interesting for a wide range of bloggers and opinion leaders. For example:

1. Studies and trend analyses for one’s own industry
2. Interviews with relevant personalities
3. Surveys and editorials within an industry

Corporate blogs are primarily linked to on other blogs and therefore careful preliminary research is valuable particularly in the B2B segment to determine whether there is a sufficient network of blogs for the topic to achieve the desired reach. Content should also target non-bloggers and demonstrate competence in niche topics.

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