The right format

“The sound makes the music”, as they say.

In addition to the information provided by the content, the manner in which this information is presented helps determine what the recipient gains from it. Some content, for example, can be processed and understood much better using infographics, than with text alone. However, the choice of medium should not be placed in the spotlight. Consumers as less interested the fact that a company now provides a video and more interested in whether the video is informative and worth seeing.

It makes sense not to restrict oneself to a single format, but to choose the optimal form of expression depending on the content to published and thus avoid monotony for the target group. Each of the internet publishing formats offers its own special advantages.

  • Plain text supports SEO and can be copied, archived, printed and viewed easily on all devices. Whether in blog posts, interviews, news, discussions, or other contexts, text is universally applicable and by far the most common form of publication.
  • Pictures can express more than 1000 words within the blink of an eye, but play a rather subordinate role as “decorative accessories” in content marketing. They serve as eye-catchers to arouse attention for other formats such as text. They can, however, subtly and quickly provide for emotion and act as a standalone format in the form of image galleries.
  • Infographics now top the list in the portfolios of marketers and data journalists. Many have resorted to solely publishing attractively designed large graphics, which provide a very clear overview of study results, market trends and multi-faceted views of specific topic areas. Visualization serves to reduce complexity and make information tangible.
  • Podcasts are generally radio-like voice and music recordings, which can be downloaded and listened to at leisure. Many users like to be able to listen to information such as expert lectures, discussions and presentations in their car or in the train for example. Subscriptions ensure that new entries are automatically downloaded to devices.
  • Videos have the ability to captivate consumers emotionally, make complicated issues visually understandable and entertain like no other medium. While production costs have plummeted, expectations of moving images have increased tremendously. If users don’t feel entertained within a few seconds, they stop the video.
    Videos also play a major role in marketing, because the most prominent distribution channel YouTube is also the second largest search engine in the world. The medium offers numerous special forms of communication including screencasts, webinars, Google Hangouts, 3D views and more.
  • White papers and ebooks are like blogs in that they are a very popular form of publication, in which most of the listed formats can be integrated. In the best case, content can be used multiple times. For example, a blog article can be used as a chapter in a white paper or ebook.


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