Good reasons to use digital signage at the point of sale

Digital signage technology allows for broadcasting individual ads that can be updated on an ongoing basis to communicate exactly when they are most effective. The POS (point of sale) plays a particularly important role here. This could be the reception desk at a trade fair stand or the cashier in a retail outlet. The attempt is made here to present direct purchase incentives for the customer for nearby products/brands. Sales success is especially high here, because the “call to action” takes place right where the buyer is already in the decision phase (of their purchase).

Other particularly interesting areas include the POT (Point of Transit) and the POW (Point of Wait), which are the areas in which the potential customers are required to stay for prolonged periods of time. These also include showcase installations, which can address passers-by using concise visually attractive clips. More time is available at the POW, where people are usually grateful for the distraction from unpleasant waiting times and open to informative clips and presentations (infotainment).

The benefits of all these applications:

  1. Immediate increase in sales resulting from the high level of attention – at the same time improved shopping experience, better service and brand awareness. Real-time capabilities and immediate updating of marketing messages create a lasting impression on customers. Changing an otherwise annoying waiting time into a positive experience using attractive content.
  2. Timeliness of content that can be changed very quickly. Therefore it is possible, for example, to respond to different customers and – depending on the changing target groups throughout the day – display different content in the morning than in the evening.

Many purchase decisions are made only at the point of sale. Effective advertising at this crucial time and place has a major influence on consumer behaviour.

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