Dexperty study “Digital Business Transformation” shows varying perspectives among German companies

In Germany there are companies that have developed a clear understanding and strategic approach to digital transformation, and which are successfully working on customer-centric change processes. But the majority of companies are latecomers, who are just at the beginning of this development. Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular have a lot of catching up to do. This is shown by the recent “Digital Business Transformation” study conducted by Dexperty, Messe Frankfurt’s digital experts.

Dexperty and the market research firm INNOFACT AG surveyed more than 600 decision-makers within a representative panel in June 2015 for the study. 50 per cent of those surveyed were responsible for marketing and 50 per cent for IT in their companies.

The survey was intended to investigate the understanding, practical relevance, state of development and possible hurdles in the implementation of digital business transformation in German companies. In addition to this, the survey sought to shed light on the impact of digital transformation on marketing and, more specifically, the development of digital trade fair marketing.

You will find more information at our web-special. And of course you can order the full report for free.




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