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Promotional day for the global trade fair industry

The first Global Exhibitions Day (#GED16) is taking place on June 8th. In January 2016, the global trade fair association ufi launched the Global Exhibition Day and has since found supporters around the world. Activities will be organized worldwide on June 8th, 2016 with the goal of networking the global trade fair industry and demonstrating the importance of trade fairs for the respective locations and especially for the local, national and global economies.

Messe-Frankfurt-Dexperty-Global-Expo-Day-englishGlobal Exhibitions Day activities around the world

The activities include conferences, presentations, photo campaigns and much more. A Global Exhibitions Day Run is being organized to celebrate the day in Paris and a Summer University for Trade Fair Managers is being conducted in Cologne. In addition to this, AUMA is organizing an open house at its trade fair institute in Berlin and produced a series of interviews concerning the relevance of trade fairs. Click here for a full list of Global Exhibitions Day activities.

The Exhibition Industry Sharing One Single, Cohesive VoiceWe welcome this initiative to communicate the enduring importance of the global trade fair industry. Fitting to #GED16, the Automechanika trade fair initiated by Messe Frankfurt is taking place in Birmingham. With over 17 events around the world, this is one of the most globalized trade fair events anywhere.

Trade fairs and events remain important factors for marketing

Despite all the prophecies of doom, trade fairs and conventions are proving that they remain tremendously significant to the economy and other organizations even in the digital age. Even digital gurus like Sascha Lobo say “Events and social media love each other” and see pioneer character in the digitalization of the trade fair industry. This is also shown by several recent studies conducted by bitkom, AUMA, and our own research on digital transformation in marketing. The average portion of overall company marketing budgets allocated to trade fairs and events remains at around 40%.

In light of the further globalisation of the economy, it particularly important to focus even more on the relevance of the exhibition industry. And this is precisely what the Global Exhibition Day is setting out to do.

If you would like to know more, follow the Global Exhibition Day on Twitter using hashtag #GED16, join the Facebook group or see the final report.

Here are a few facts about the global trade fair industry:



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